5 Things that Need to be Changed in Pakistani Award Shows

Pakistan entertainment industry has come a long way over the past few years and now the much-needed awards shows to appreciate our artists are being organized annually. Previously, Lux Style Awards (LSA) were keeping this tradition solely but now Hum Awards, Hum Style Awards and ARY Film Awards (AFA) are also taking it forward. Where we honor outstanding work in different fields like fashion, film, television, and music in these shows, it is also the biggest platform to show our potential across the border. As this positive trend is in the developing phase, it would be immature to accept everything is perfect and going in the right direction. For all our viewers, we have to display a quality show presenting classy content with grace. Also we have to learn from our mistakes to raise the standard of these shows further as still there is a long way to go.

Here is my list of areas that should be focused and need to be changed.

  • Dance Performances on Indian Songs

The viewers wonder why we have dance performances on Bollywood songs, don’t we have our own numbers to perform on stage?  Surely art and music are not confined to any boundary, but hold this argument at least for awards show evenings. These ceremonies are our own product and so special to reflect Pakistani things, so a big NO to Indian songs is what needed.

  • Lousy Script

The glitz and glamor of these star-studded shows with perfect direction cannot create a greater impact if we don’t pay attention to the script. It is once in a year chance, so each word is powerful and should be penned quite carefully. It has to be crispy, funny and emotive at times with meaningful words and should not fall flat at any moment to the keep the audience and viewers intact.

  • Unprofessional Hosting

Hosting is an art as well as a huge responsibility and not everyone is capable of executing it rightly. Unfortunately, we are lacking in this area today and task this to unprofessionals be it actors, morning show hosts or singers. Even the best of the best punch lines fail to impress the audience when not delivered properly.

  • Skits and Comedy

To be fair and honest, we have to admit that skits presented in our shows are ill-prepared most of the times. The new lot of our comedians are talented but relying too much on one liners or on mimicking or parodies which should actually be replaced with something creative and original. There is always a thin line between comedy and crap, keep in mind always especially when you are engaging with the audience (celebrities).

  • By-chance Comedians

The most difficult art is to bring a smile on someone’s face with your act, so leave it to the ones who have mastered it. We have had enough of these by-chance or wanna-be comedians who ruin the whole part with their poor dialogue delivery, expressionless body language and horrible acting. Despite all their shortcomings, they still manage to get the chance again and again for being blue-eyed of organizers.

Opinions and views belong to the writer, and the writer alone.