Mother’s Day Diaries – Rehan Hashmi

Dear Diary,

Whenever a child opens his eyes in this world, there is always a string attached to him referred as human angel – the mother.  This unending bond is defined by pure love and every mother’s prayers are vital of her children’s success so as the strength and wisdom she provides them. A mother’s relation to her child is above all and it deserves a lifetime of appreciation as every day is a mother’s day not just one day a year.

Words cannot fathom the greatness of a mother, nor can children pay back for what she sacrificed in their name. No other relation can take place of a mother but surely she can take place of all others. Her love and kindness is selfless and forgiving when all others are forsaking, and it never fails or falters. The best thing about a mother is that she has a god-gifted ability to read and understand what you never say or try to hide. The healing touch you get when you cry on her shoulder or sit in her lap with her arms wrapped around is invaluable, and with this kind of support you can face even the toughest of challenges.

God has been really kind when He bestowed us with this blessing to take care and protect his people on earth. With a golden heart and the virtues of motherhood where all the love begins and ends, a mother is no less than an angel to her children. That’s why heaven lies under the feet of a mother. A woman does have choices at times to think about herself, but when you are a mother you just focus on your children and always think of them. Almighty always supports mothers and there is nothing she cannot copy with for the sake of her loved ones.

I owe a lot to my mother for all that I am today or hope to be in future. On this special day, lucky are those including me who celebrate it with the super woman of their lives as not everyone is fortunate enough to have this pleasure. Heart goes out to all those who have lost their moms and miss them badly this mother’s day, but remember that a mother’s prayers always follow you and grip you all your life. So to people of all ages should take care of your mother as she deserves it and there is no replacement of her.

Mom! May you be with me all my life! Aameen, SumAameen.