14 Things to Do on 14th August!

Remember the times when you were in school and just as the month of August arrives, you were go all bonkers over the fact that now is the time to start preparing for ‘Chauda Aagust’ (14th August). Although, we all have grown up yet the level of patriotism is spiking as it was back then. Whether you are a twelve-year-old school going boy or a retired septuagenarian, the feelings are mutual. Schools host special Independence Day programs in which children rehearse for tableau’s, parades, flag hoisting and a lot of singing (mili naghmey) competitions. Similarly, Pakistani media, (print and electronic both) publish and on-airs dramas, songs and all the Chauda Aagust related stuff to keep our patriotic spirits alive. Last but not the least (the most effective medium nowadays) social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram further helps in promoting patriotism online by just clicking, typing and sharing.

August 14th, 1947 was the day when Pakistan came into being. Our motherland was freed from the shackles of British Raj and India, all thanks to the Father of our nation; Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. A separate country named Pakistan (the land of pure) appeared on the world map. Pakistanis celebrate Independence Day just like Eid with Jazba and Junoon. As it is a national holiday, people celebrate it with more zeal and fervor.

As August 14th is around the corner, and it is the 70th Youm-e-Azaadi (Independence Day) the festive fever is on the rise. I too decided to list down 14 things that a true Pakistani will be doing on August 14th this year:

  1. Green and White Ambiance

You are not a true Pakistani if you are not wearing a green and a white dress on August 14th or if you are not turning everything, yes literally EVERYTHING into green and white! Whether it is your bag, house, clothes, shops, malls or hotels. From August 1st, everything you’ll be spotting is green and white, even the logo of your favorite TV channel or your favorite website.

  1. Fireworks Frenzy

Loud and noisy, yes we are Pakistanis. This is how we celebrate our independence. Fire crackers and hawaaii firing are all you will hear once the clock strikes at midnight.

And don’t worry about disturbing the neighbors; they too might be on the streets setting off crackers themselves!

  1. Soulful Qaumi Naghmey

Watan ki mitti jawaan rehna, Ye watan tumahra hai, Aye jawaan, Sohni dharti, Dil dil Pakistan; these brilliant melodies, qoumi nagmey (national songs) are like honey to the ears for every Pakistani. Since the start of the month, you will hear them in every nook and cranny. Whether it’s a barber’s shop or a rickshaw wala, the qoumi naghmey(s) are on repeat. And to be really honest, these national songs evoke every Pakistan’s true emotions, and inculcate a sense of belonging and loyalty.

  1. Boys on Bikes

Yes we have Pindi boys everywhere! On the eve of Independence Day, the boys just roam around the city on their bikes, or take the road to sea-view just to show off how patriotic they are by wheeling around! And that too by taking their silencers out. Yes, they are the happiest Pakistanis of them all!

  1. Independence Day Programs

The morning of August 14th begins with the flag hoisting ceremony held at Wagha Border, in Lahore. In Karachi, people pay visit to Quaid-e-Azam’s tomb. Similarly, other programs are held in schools, colleges, and universities to mark this day with full enthusiasm.

Source: Roots International School
  1. Jhandiyaan

Most important thing to do on August 14th is to decorate your home, street, car or bike with Jhandiyaan (flags). Showing off your patriotism to the entire neighborhood and getting the biggest flag on the roof top is a milestone you have to achieve on the Independence Day.

  1. Putting up Badges/Pins

Whatever you are wearing, shalwar kameez, pant shirt or your nightwear, a badge is a basic accessory you must own.

  1. Grandma’s & Pakistan’s History

Grandmothers and Grandfathers are fond of telling you the stories about the great partition. So, if you are lucky enough to have them around you this Independence Day, just listen to their tales of woes. You’ll surely learn something new.

  1. Into the Lights

Make sure to take a ride around the city with your friends and family to see the lighted buildings. On the eve of Independence Day, the city is wrapped around in green and white bulbs. Just climb in your car and roam around!

  1. Accessories

Apart from badges, there are also a variety of hand bands and hair bands, trumpets, caps, masquerades which are in the green and white theme. If you are interested to host an Independence Day party, you should immediately buy this stuff.

  1. Visiting Quaid’s Tomb

It is a tradition. A true Pakistani will always visit Quaid-e-Azam’s tomb, that too early in the morning.

  1. Pakistan Day Quizzes

For all the nerds out there, you can take up August 14th quizzes and this time test the knowledge of your family and friends.

  1. Face Painting

How can one forget the face when everything else is in green and white? You can easily get face painting done by the various stalls or you can use a sticker tattoo too!


  1. Desserts

Celebrate the Independence Day with cutting a August 14th themed cake which is easily available in all the bakeries. Or perhaps bake one for yourself or for your family and friends.

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Happy Independence Day!