15 Must Have Workout Wear for Men

By: Rehan Hashmi

Working out in the gym regularly is the gateway to fitness and achieving your body goals. If you are doing work out, then do it the right way in suitable clothing with ease and perfection. Wearing the right workout wear keeps you on top of your game just like a proper diet and a training plan. To get the most out of your workout, one needs to have relaxed yet fit clothes made of highly engineered fabrics that can enhance your performance.


Following are some of the workout wear that suit any fitness level and every gym going guy must have these in his closet.

Workout Vests (Stringers/Tank Tops/Ribbed Vests)

When it comes to the chest, shoulders or arms, the most suitable gym wear is stringers, tank tops or ribbed vests. It shows some part of your chest, cut deltoid, biceps and triceps muscles to stand out more.

Versatile Shorts

One must have versatile shorts made of light mesh ranging in from 8˝ to 11˝. It definitely helps on the leg day as these are the hardest muscles to show. You can decide on your own that how much leg you have to show when doing squats.

Seamless Gym Tee

The seamless, relaxed and slim fit tee shirt is always a man’s best companion for the gym. It features short, raglan cut sleeves for free range of movement of your arms. It keeps you both feel and look cool.


Full Sleeve Shirt

In winters, sometimes you need to cover your whole upper body for a better performance in the gym. So wear a classic, regular fit full sleeve tee in V-neck for your comfort.


Fleece Hoodie

In gym, you don’t necessarily need a warm jacket. A fleece hoodie instead is ideal  to put on in winters and keep your body warm before/during/after a workout.


Tailored Sweats/Tapered Bottoms

Tailored sweats are the best for man’s runways when they are in the weight room. It provides you ease in your workout, whether you opt for lightweight or not, tapered cut bottoms with maximum flexibility are the best possible options.

No-show Light Wool Workout Socks

Additionally, fitted the no-show socks with a silicone pad on the heel that grips your foot and prevents slippage and blisters is a good option. It naturally absorbs moisture, resists odor, and shields your feet from blisters.


Technical Shoes

Your sneakers and other flat-sole joggers can work if you are running on the streets or on tracks but never wear it for workout. These are technically crafted; light woven shoes with fall-resistant special sole provide extra support in lifting weight and hitting treadmill.


Power Stretch Gloves

The power stretch gloves keep your hands warm and dry to ensure a firm grip when operating with weights. These gloves are made of cutting edge fabric technology that is equally good in winter and summers featuring anti-slip ability.gloves-24hours-pk

Compression Wear

Compression Wear offers superior technology and breathable fabrics to multiply your performance. It increases blood flow for a faster warm-up and greater oxygen to muscle tissue, thus these muscles becomes strong.

Compression Shorts

Compression shorts are for an intense activity and engineered to provide targeted support to thigh muscles to improve performance.


Compression Tights

Compression tights are extremely good for leg exercises. It helps prevent leg muscles from soreness, and fatigue and long-term overuse injuries.


Compression Socks

Compression socks are for the calf and shin with gradient engineering for improved warm-up and recovery.


Compression Sleeveless Top

Compression sleeveless tops lets your arms move freely and support the core to help you maintain better posture and improved breathing while training.


Compression Short Sleeves Top

Compression short sleeve tops give powerful, lightweight support to upper body muscles, making it ideal for weightlifting.


Compression Long Sleeves Top

Compression long sleeve tops support upper body muscles by reducing damaging vibration and increasing awareness of limb placement for better coordination and technical precision. It is very helpful for back and abs muscles.


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