5 Reasons of Growing Trend of Online Shopping In Pakistan

The latest phenomenon of Online Shopping in Pakistan is contributing to our society in many ways. Pakistan has witnessed a massive increase in e-commerce businesses in past few years. A flourishing industry with a contribution of the handsome amount of revenue in Pakistan’s economy. With almost everything available online it becomes easier for buyers to purchase everything from home.  A Few years back, the online shopping was unheard in Pakistan. But now online shopping has become part of our everyday life. It has changed the shopping trends in Pakistan. Almost every Pakistani shops from different online shopping websites once in a month.feb15-tech2-300x300

The number of online shopping website in Pakistan has now increased from one or two to hundreds, every website images (8)has their own different areas of deals and offers to attract buyers. People now seems addicted to online shopping, because it comes with a luxury of shopping while sitting on your office desk or lying on your bed. Not only online deal websites but also almost every brand and merchants now have their e-stores to make shopping easy for customers. 24hours.pk is also one of the leading online website of Pakistan with exciting deals and discounts. Online shopping makes your life easy and comes with hundreds of options to choose from. Why people are switching from conventional shopping methods to online shopping can be the reason of following offers from online shopping websites.

Discount offers

It is the main feature of every online shopping website in Pakistan. The discount offer on different product deals, food, services and on other deals is the cause of attraction for buyers. Online websites offer discounts from 25% to 90% on a variety of deals. This discount is available on wide range of products ranging from fashion, electronics and on branded or on non-branded products without compromising on the quality of those products.

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Variety of Deals

The second reason of growing trend of online shopping is the variety of deals and pack deals. Different online companies including 24hours.pk has various Deals in Pakistan of different brands. Deals from famous restaurants, salons, and other institutions are available online. These deals also come with a large variety of food and services.online-shopping-in-Pakistan-600x355

Cash on Delivery

The best part of online purchasing in Pakistan that it doesn’t require credit cards for payments. Every online company offers cash on the delivery facility to its customers. Its lowers the risk of scam among buyers and strengthen the trust of people on online websites. You just place the order for your desired product or deal and pay when you receive your order at your given address.

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Clearance & Occasion Sales

The reason why people are more declined towards online shopping in Pakistan is due to special occasion sales and clearance sales. These sales come with the maximum discount offers. Shopping on special occasion become very relaxing with online shopping. It not only saves your time but also you can do shopping without any hustle.

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Free Delivery Nationwide

Free delivery facility to different areas of Pakistan of your desired order is also one of the important reason of growing trend of online shopping. People receive products in remote areas of Pakistan with just a single click. 24hours.pk also offers free home delivery nationwide and people from big cities to interior areas of every province can get their desired product without paying any shipping charges.


The above factors are surely making online shopping a vital part of our life. If you haven’t tried online shopping then start by browsing 24hours.pk for a wonderful shopping experience with the variety of deals with huge discounts.