Eid-Ul-Fitr and Underprivileged Class

Eid-ul-Fitr, the famous occasion is being celebrated in Pakistan on the second week of July 2016. Every year Eid celebration starts with the commencement of the Ramadan. Muslims wear new dresses, shoes and other accessories just to celebrate this day with full delight.



After Eid prayers, men hug each other and wish Eid greetings with love and affection. Women keep themselves busy in the kitchen by cooking sweet dishes especially Vermicelli . People from every caste, age, poor and rich offer the prayer together in mosques.

Furthermore, Eid is a joyous occasion for all the Muslims. The true essence of Eid can be accomplished through sharing happiness with deprived people.3bca2aef00117d9c0ce160dc01d7095f


If people from poor class remain famished; the whole happiness of Eid will tarnish. The impoverished class is deprived of all the basic amenities of life. The basic purpose of Eid and Ramadan is not only to feel the pain of the meager people but also to take care of their needs.

If we share pleasure and delight with the less fortunate people to reduce their misery; they will feel happy. People with wistful eyes, tattered dress, and clumsy shoes reflects the picture of a meager class of Pakistan. The destitute class of the society gathers on streets to collect ‘Eidi’ from well-off people.


They are pitiable, but still, they have a lurking hope that one day they will celebrate Eid with full joy. They have a heart and desires, but can’t fulfill them; on the contrary children of middle class and privileged class celebrate their Eid with full enthusiasm.




The Affluent class should show more generosity to help needy people in Eid days.

Let’s make this eid special for lower Class and make them realize their worth.

Eid Mubarak to all and be grateful for what you have!