8 Common Practices that Excite You for Eid-ul-Adha

Eid-ul-Adha, the Festival of Sacrifice, is just around the corner and this feeling is already filling our hearts with excitement. This is the biggest day for Muslims falling right after the largest annual pilgrimage – Hajj and the greatest sacrifice in the way of Allah is commemorated with religious spirit. Celebrations of Bakra Eid involves sacredness along with passion that earns the will of Almighty Allah upon fulfilling his command of sacrificing an animal. Whether it’s a sheep, a goat, cow or a camel, smallest activities on this Eid are rewarded with the highest honor and it’s also fun-filled from start to end.

Here is a recall of the 8 most common practices we observe on Eid-e-Qurbaan that keeps the excitement bar high.

Mandi Visit

The Mandi (Cattle Farm) visit is great fun and marks the beginning of this Eid’s preparations. The hunt for the right animal as per your budget takes hours of your time. Normally elders and the boy-gang of the house enjoy this opportunity but sometimes kids are also taken along for the ‘selection’ process. Bargaining over rates and for expert opinion on the sacrificial animal, there is always a wise person with you who analyzes and finalizes the price – usually the father or an uncle.

Naming the Sacrificial Animal

Once you are done with the purchasing process and your animal is home, the typical naming ritual is the first thing that needs attention. And this time around the children take the lead and name their animal of their choice according to color, size or any other aspect of belonging. Each year we all have fond memories of our sacrificial animal and continue to recall with that particular name at least till the next Eid!

Taking the Animal for a Walk

The most enjoyable moment for boys and kids is when they take their goat or cow outside for a stroll and their animal is appreciated. This is exactly why kids insist on buying the animal, at least a couple of days or more before the Eid day to have plenty of time for this activity.

Attachment with Sacrificial Animals

Spending time with sacrificial animals and looking after them leads to a certain degree of attachment. And for this period of time, to kids, the whole world revolves around this particular animal.

Slaughter – A Scary Moment for the Kids

And then the Eid day arrives with children all the more concerned for all-the-more important sacrifice with feelings of resistance and fright. With a heavy heart they observe the sacrifice, they are well aware of this fate from the start yet departing from their buddy is never easy.

Distribution of Meat

Once the slaughtering is out of the way, children and elders all set trails for meat management and distribution to their fellows. For relatives, the duties are assigned to the male members of the family just like ladies or children (now exited) distribute meat in the neighborhood. One’s friends circle is responsibility of the respective person. The needy are especially remembered in this phase to share Eid blessings with them as it is the essence of Bakra Eid.

Family Feasts

Eid is all about sharing happiness so on this big day grand, family feasts are arranged and a number of lip-smacking meat dishes are prepared. Ladies take the charge and do all kitchen work in no time for the celebrations that continue for three days and after at least.

And Yes the BBQ Party!

The first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Bakra Eid is ‘The Barbecue (BBQ)’ though it comes at the very end.  The celebrations of this festival are considered incomplete without a number of BBQ parties with family or friends at the rooftop or in your backyard.

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