8 Things why Summer in Pakistan is Not a Bad Thing…!

The summer is synonymous with a blazing sun, high mercury and a prolonged heat wave in Pakistan that is not welcomed graciously like winter. But there is another side to the picture which shows that it has some reasons which makes us wait for it. Despite bearing hours of load-shedding and the scorching heat, this season still has its own charm and waited by most of us (if not all) for the following reasons.

  1. Mango Mania

One of the biggest specialty of summer is the King of Fruit ‘Mangoes’ which Pakistan exports to the whole world as well. The mango parties and mango mania continue throughout the whole season with family, friends and in offices. People go crazy for mangoes and why not as one cannot resist this delight at any time.

  1. The Pool Fun

Hanging out with your family or friends to enjoy at the pool is one of the most enjoyable activities on any summer’s holiday. What else can be a better option than chilling yourself in the water and beating the heat among your loved ones together? And everyone knows how good swimming is for your body health as well as rejuvenate your mood.

  1. Joy of Saavan

Who does not like walking in the rain as it is refreshing, a bit romantic and turns your mood around like anything. Summer comes with a rainy weather that is not less than a blessing. One cannot describe the feeling of heavy rain or comparatively pleasant and cold nights of Saavan when it rains.

  1. Summer Vacations

For children and their ever-busy moms, summer vacations are the best thing associated with this season. When the schools are off, it makes both students and their mothers happy as they don’t have to wake-up early in the morning for a couple of months. This particular time of summer is perfect for visiting grandparents and relatives for family networking and recreation.


  1. Touring the Northern Areas

The months of summer are ideal to explore the natural beauty of northern areas of Pakistan. As routes to these serene landscapes are open, it is the perfect time to go there either with your family or friends. Nature is the best medicine for your soul and nothing can be a greater experience than having its dose amongst the people you love the most.

  1. Lighter Clothing (Lawn & Tees)

Unlike winter when you have to keep yourself packed with layers of clothes, locked-down at-home, summer allows you to remain cool and comfortable and opt for breathable fabrics. For ladies it is their favorite tees and lawn suits or kurti(s) and, for all the men out there can look stylish at ease with Bermuda shorts and tees.

  1. Late Night Adventures

Though you have to stay indoors in day time, the long nights of summer provide you an opportunity to roam around late at-night. Usually, everyone is free at-night from work, and other engagements and the weather gets better a bit which makes sure your outing is enjoyable right down to each second and more.

  1. Frequent Showers

In summer, one can keep himself fresh whenever desired. No matter what time of the day it is a shower is all you want during the summer to start afresh!