Bespoke Tailored Suit Styles to Rock This Season

By: Rehan Hashmi

Men look best when wearing a suit and bespoke tailored suits are made to measure taste and one’s style statement. A suit reflects the style which represents your personality be it wedding or a business affair. That’s why a perfect tailored suit is the need of every man’s wardrobe. It is not all about smashing looks or well-toned bodies because you are what you wear.  Bespoke suits give your personality a sublime touch and make you stand out in your social circle.


As the fall is here and wedding festivities have rolled in, it is high time when men need bespoke excellence in suits. A bespoke suit makes a man appear trimmer, taller and stronger so men should have at least one in their wardrobe. The different styles and trims of a suit jacket make a suit look good on men whether it is two-piece or three-piece suit.

Following are suiting styles that are going to rock this season and all men must know about.

Double-breasted Suit

This fall is the recalling of double-breasted suits and one can turn his debonair look with little slim, less-ankle fitted pants. A double-breasted jacket has extra fabric that folds over from left to right and feature four, six or eight buttons on the front. It is more formal and regal with the peak lapels as the real defining cut to the style. The pockets, tapers and the vent can be customized to your choice and ease.

Single-breasted Suit

The single-breasted suit is the regular and always in the fashion as it allows many choices in the same range.

  • Two Button, Slim Notch Lapel, V Shape Suit

The two-buttoned, slim notch lapel, more sort of V shape suits are the grand style raging the men’s fashion universe. The Italian-style or the smart-fitted pattern is opted by many in this range with equally fitted narrow bottom pants. In the three-piece suit of this style, one has the option of lining it up with the same v-cut waistcoat, v-cut double breasted style waistcoat or U-shaped waistcoat of the same or any other contrasting fabric. It creates a dynamic impression and one should always wear the suit that fits and lifts to begin with.

  • Wide Peak Lapel, Single Button Suit (Three Piece)

To turn-on-the-dapper look for any party or family affair is the wide peak lapel, single-buttoned three-piece suit. It can be paired up with a same color V-neck or with similar cross-flapped wide lapel waistcoat. To get noticed for this style statement, one must go with black color. The main difference between style and fashion is the quality that is upheld by this elegant suit.

Tuxedos (Wide Peak or Shawl Lapel)

When it comes to a fancier touch to one’s suiting that gleam and beam, tuxedos are the best a man can pull off. These days a wider-cut shawl or peak lapel tuxedos are the most popular choice for men. Pairing it with even a fancier, contrasting waistcoat in a vibrant color resonates the exquisiteness of this chic wear.

Styling Tip: Opt for pants with skinny, ankle-high and narrow bottoms.

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