Black Friday Sales and Online Shopping in Pakistan

By: Rehan Hashmi

Black Friday 2016 is almost here and both shoppers and retailers are geared up to cash on the biggest ‘sales day’ of the year. A number of amazing deals and massive discounts for this major sale extravaganza are mounting the excitement. As Black Friday is all about jaw-dropping discounts and special deal offers across all shopping verticals, online retailers are taking the lead.  These online stores are offering huge and exclusive discounts on a variety of products, accessible from one window.


What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the biggest shopping event celebrated annually now – across the globe. It is the last Friday of the month of November following the Thanksgiving Day and comes before Cyber Monday in the United States. It is the busiest shopping day of the year and refers to the beginning of Christmas shopping season in US and other parts of the world.


History of Black Friday

The concept of celebrating Black Friday has turned into a global practice now days but it has almost a century-old history. The idea of celebrating a sales day was first conceived and initiated by American multinational Macy’s in 1924 in US. In 1960, it was officially given the name of Black Friday and it gradually spread all over in the country among the masses. In 1990, Black Friday became a nationwide sensation in US when it saw an instant boom as both consumers and retailers realized its effectiveness. Some states of US also observe a holiday on the account of Black Friday. Later on UK, Canada and European countries joined this bandwagon and in the past few years, it has spread all over the globe to become a worldwide phenomenon.


Online Shopping: Most Viable Platform for Black Friday Sales

Today is the age of online shopping and you get each and every thing delivered to your doorstep with just a click. Unlike conventional shopping methods, it has some extra room to offer the consumer without any hassle as almost every retail category is available via this window. For Black Friday this is more sort of an internet-based sales day, online shopping is the most viable option for both the retailer and the consumer end. With its convenience of no-crowd, and queues and shopping at ease from home, it is more suitable to accelerate the sales counter and availing maximum discount

Black Friday in Pakistan

The trend of Black Friday has been introduced in Pakistan last year by country’s leading online shopping stores. As it got an overwhelming response from customers, online shopping portals are all set to boost up their sales with Black Friday this year as well. For a second consecutive year, online stores have announced their discounted deals for Black Friday to be celebrated on 25th of November. However, Black Friday celebration will take some time to create a nationwide impression among the masses as it is still in its initial phase.


The New Vouchers/Tickets System

Last year, it was experienced that some online shopping websites crashed as the customers flooded on these portals to avail the discounts. To avoid this sort of situation and for better customer management, a couple of online stores are now offering vouchers/tickets prior to the Black Friday to shop with convenience.

Black Friday White Friday

In Pakistan, White Friday Sales are also offered parallel to the Black Friday with the same objective and pattern. It happens as the initiators of this idea believe that Friday is never black and think more in the local context rather than adopting the same formula.


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