The Changing Trends of Male Fashion in Pakistan

By: Rehan Hashmi

There was a time in Pakistan when fashion was quite female centric and only a few choices available for men. In a predominantly conservative culture of this region, fashion was not seen as something that can be attributed to men.  Gone are the days when youngsters and men had no option but to rely on limited century-old domains. From the last decade, men’s fashion has revolutionized in Pakistan and we have come a long way in this journey. Today, men’s fashion has been revolutionized from formal to casual, eastern to western and traditional to party wear.


This progressive journey in men’s fashion universe was not easy and the designers and new brands deserve appreciation for marking this a successful pursuit. Let’s have a look how this course changed with innovations keeping all the relevant factors in mind.

Reinventing Ethnic Wear

If we look back some 10-15 years ago, our ethnic wear was stuck with a few basic colors and plain fabrics. Even youngsters were more inclined to wear western style clothes on occasions which are supposed to be pure traditional. But now we have a whole, new range and plenty of choices in our traditional wear. New designs, patterned/printed fabrics available in multiple colors with custom fit stitching. Today at our festive occasions like Eid or Wedding functions the classic shalwar kurta now has many companions to deem fitting for the same.

Induction of Vibrant Colors

For years, a few basic colors were associated with men and hardly anyone dared to go beyond these. But now men’s wear is not bound by a certain color circle, in fact some vibrant colors have been inducted that were not so common before. For example: Royal blue is the popular choice these days and it is a prime example of the bold choice men make in this regards.

New Brands in Casual/Formal/Ethnic Ranges

There were only a few brands in casual, formal and ethnic wear for men and these were not easy on the pockets. Now in each of the above mentioned ranges, new brands have emerged and having a huge customer base for being economical as well. That is what men desire for their everyday attire or occasional outfits.


New Men’s Designers and Fashion Shows

Designer wear trend in Pakistan is getting popular by the minute and so a number of men’s designers have been introduced through fashion shows. Though they have a specific target audience, yet quite handy for men to make variations with their clothes according to new trends. It also helps in elevating men’s fashion sense in Pakistan and now men are well aware what fashion is for them. Creative interpretations of these designers are now adopted by men largely in their own capacity.


Freedom in Fashion

Freedom in fashion is what always needed to make your own style. Today, a number of styles going parallel with each other with little trims, cuts and folds give all the more freedom to men. The brands are infusing this sense of freedom in fashion by their clothes and men are wearing it with confidence that was rarely seen before.


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