Commercialized Ramadan – Marathon of Transmissions

Ramadan is almost here and we are really lucky to get this opportunity again for earning maximum blessings and seeking forgiveness from our Creator. But the true spirit and essence of this holy month we used to witness before, has been lost since the competition of marathon Ramadan transmissions has started among our TV channels. The simplicity, sacredness, modesty and other virtues and essentials of Ramadan can be hardly seen anymore and if you don’t believe, just tune into any local TV channel.

The teasers of these ‘soulful’ transmissions are rolling out for the last few days and almost all TV channels are geared up to get the ‘maximum’ out of this month. The rating-puller magicians have been tasked to do their job yet again. And these channels and anchors are not to blame only because we equally share the burden as live audience and viewers who remain stick to their TV screens back at home. By grand sets for these shows, the branded clothes of anchors, the generosity of distributing sponsored free gifts for which audience gets humiliated and compromise their self-respect, ‘Ramadan is Celebrated’.

Behind the cover to promote religious teachings in this month, our TV channels are exploiting Ramadan at the maximum. There are segments which involve religious scholars and quite informative too, but the rest of hours-long transmissions solely serve the commercial agenda and corporate interest of the channel owners. In fact, it’s all about battle of TRPs which has not spared the month of blessings and turned it into ‘month of ratings’ based on the corporate motives of our media.

With these absurd game shows and craziness for prizes, Ramadan has lost its real meanings on our top TV channels. Now it looks more of a contest to win maximum rather than a month to establish a connection with the Almighty. These Ramadan shows are crossing the line and not presenting the true picture of this holy month contrary to what has been defined and taught to us in our teachings. The glamor and show off is prevalent in these programs which go against simplicity – the core of this month.

Ramadan is all about keeping your desires under control but in these transmissions the greed and wishes are invoked and the live audience exhibits it in the desire for the goods on display. The question is who will put it to end this negative trend? Channels will certainly not as Ramadan is more than usual business to them. The authorities must define some guidelines for these transmissions and should ensure its implementation strictly. The biggest responsibility is upon us to not stoop too low and reject it straightaway by not becoming the part of this entire saga as audience and the viewers.

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