A Commitment to Humanity – Rashid Memorial Welfare Organization

By: Huba Khan

Social Welfare Organization

Social welfare services are related to and serve in educational, medical, housing, and other sectors for those who are not capable of acquiring basic facilities on their own. They are considered as Non-Profit Organizations (NPO’s). They are funded sometimes by the state or private donations.

Pakistan and Social Welfare Organizations

There are hundreds of social welfare organizations working in Pakistan. We can say that there is a rising need for these organizations as the country’s population is rapidly growing, and the ignorance of core necessities is also accelerating the need. Pakistan is fortunate to have many noble and dedicated souls who participate in making up for government’s neglect towards its citizens

Out of them, is the Rashid Memorial Welfare Organization (RMWO) , commonly called as the “Rashidabad”.

The Road to Rashidabad


RMWO was founded in the year 1998 by retired air commodore, Shabbir Ahmed Khan, who lost his son; Flt. Lt Rashid Ahmed Khan on December 13th, 1997, in a tragic accident in which he was trying to save innocent lives and maneuvered his plane away from the population, scarifying his own life.

This project is the fruit result of a group of Shabbir Khan and his colleagues in the memory of his son, with an initial donation of Rs. 25M by the trustees. The foundation stone was laid by the then Governor of Sindh, Gen. Moinuddin Haider.

Purpose of RMWO

The project aims at four essential elements of development which are:

  • Education
  • Health
  • Environment
  • Socio-Economic Progress

Core Objectives

RMWO is founded for eliminating the gap which is faced by the poor people. They work to provide the basic necessities of life which they lack especially amongst the rural population. They aim to provide corollary benefits that would accrue a check on the rural migration to urban town and empowerment.

Spreading Education

Rashidabad is like a living town on its own with big, and clean buildings and a peaceful environment. They have set up great a schooling system for the poor and underprivileged children.


  • Sargodhian Spirit Trust (SST) Public School: It is a venture of the PAF Public School Sarghoda Old Boys Association (SOBA), which facilitates up to 400 boys with excellent educational service. Around 25% students are orphans and destitute, which receive scholarships.
  • YK Academy: Named after Khawaja Yaqub, YK academy has graduated five matric batches with impressive results. Students who cannot afford tuition fee are fully accommodated with free tuition, uniforms, and books.
  • The Citizen Foundation School (Rubab Kassam Campus): TCF is one of the best schools of the foundation, which imparts quality educational training.
  • The Hunar Foundation: These are the technical training centers, which teach a variety of subjects such as motorcycle repairing, stitching, and many other practical and useful professions.

Health Care Services


Rashidabad is a front runner in providing health care services. They are spreading their services through the following institutes, which are:

  • Bilquis Mushaf Medical Complex (BMMC) Bilquis Mushaf Hospital
  • LRBT (Free Eye Hospital)
  • Fatimid Foundation (provides free Thalassemia and Hematological services)

Socio-Economic Development

They have initiated many developmental programs, which are providing every possible help to needy in the shape of:

  • Masjid Shahbazi and Hameda Shafique Islamic Information Center
  • Batool Shah Micro Finance
  • AMZI Water Filtration Plant
  • Social Welfare Activities such as Flood/Disaster Relief, orphan marriages, distribution of clothes and etc
  • Project Al-Maida
  • Meezan Bank (to facilities the residents of Rashidabad)

Environment and Sport Activities


  • RMWO have an artificial lake for recreational activities.
  • Rehana Squash Complex

Residential Houses:

  • Ali Nawaz Jatoi Centre (ANJ): ANJ is a community centre, which also has a mini market and a recreational centre.
  • IDA-RIEU-Sultan Ali Campus: It is the residential campus for 200 visually impaired boys and girls and a school for over 300 is already under construction.

Upcoming Projects

Darul Sukun

A campus for over 250 mentally and physically challenged children and senior citizens home for 100 residents is under planning. When this project will be complete, it would be called ‘Darul Sukun’.

Academic Complex

Another project for secondary/higher secondary school, with residential teacher training campus, is on the papers. Upon its completion, it will managed by the PAF Lower Topa Old Boys Association.

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