Best Iftar Deals to Try out in Islamabad

Ramadan is at its full swing in the whole country with fancy Ramadan Transmissions, Eid Shopping and on top of all delicious Sehri and Iftar arrangements. When it comes to Iftar and Sehri food, capital city has its own charms and traditions. As nothing can compare the Iftar at home made by mothers, but still there are some online discounted food offers in Islamabad that you can’t resist! is offering discounted online food deals in Islamabad for almost a year and this Ramadan, we have come up with spectacular Iftar deals from the best restaurant of the city. Read the full blog to get to know the extravagantly discounted deals available in the Federal Capital for Iftar.

Olive Garden Restaurantthumb_600 (1)

Olive Garden Restaurant is snugly tucked away in the posh area of Islamabad. The intimate and friendly atmosphere of the Olive Garden offers various delicacies to eat. Olive Garden’s Iftar cum dinner buffet is famous and their Iftar menu includes traditional dishes we all love to break our fast with. But their dinner menu has a wide variety of flavors from around the globe including stakes, pasta, Chinese food, sea food, Pakistani dishes and a lot more. The original price of their Iftar cum dinner buffet is Rs. 1,228/- but with’s food voucher you can avail the 35% discount that reduces its price to Rs. 800/-.  They offer one of the best outdoor dining areas with lots of greenery.

Frosty Terrace (Restaurant & Lounge)Chinese_buffet2

Next in a row is Frosty Terrace (Restaurant & Lounge), it is an international chain, which serves a wide range of Continental & Asian cuisine along with Desserts & Egyptian Shisha. The Colorful ambiance best compliments the food at Frosty Terrace. This Ramadan they are also offering Iftar-dinner buffet with different starters, Iftar dishes, drinks, main course and other flavors to ignite your palate. has joined hands with Frosty Terrace to offer to maximum discount on their Ramadan deal.  With an online order you can avail 41% off on Frosty Terrace buffet and this discount is valid for 2 persons.

O2- The Oxygen Lounge13177537_1404878076205634_5918574062146614355_n

Steak lovers can easily mark O2- The Oxygen Lounge as their favorite Iftar place this Ramadan. This is third on my list. It is also famous for its oxidized environment. The Oxygen Lounge is also available with discount 50% at– the best online food deal website with its unique flavored steaks, flame grill and special starter for an ideal Iftar experience.

Chicken Cottagedownload

Last but not the least, Chicken Cottage. You should also try this unique chicken burger deal available at with more than 50% off. It’s a UK based halal fast food chain established Capital City in 1994. The idea behind Chicken Cottage’s menu is to blend different taste from different cultures.  Burgers are now considered as our national food. You can enjoy variety of burgers at Chicken Cottage with Ramadan special discount.

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