How eCommerce is helping Pakistan?

What is eCommerce?

‘eCommerce’ or electronic commerce means the trading, business, money transfer, selling and purchasing, exchange of goods, and services via a computer network and the Internet. This word covers many sectors in it. In today’s globalized era, all business competitors are connected to each other and to their consumer through eCommerce.

eCommerce Trends in Pakistan

eCommerce industry has recently witnessed maximum of popularity and emerged as an astounding mode of business. In Pakistan the trend of eCommerce is also gaining much momentum with the passage of time. This might be a little slow as compared to the rest of the world but today we see every other business going online.e-commerce-usability-guidelines


Why it is Gaining Momentum in Pakistan?

In spite of late recognition, Pakistan has recorded rapid growth in this sector. There are many factors which have contributed to this growth. The most common factor is the availability of Internet or easy access to Internet.  The entry of Pakistan into the world of 3G and 4G has made life easy for the common man.  All these factors propel the growth of online businesses.

Furthermore, with the easy accessibility of social media websites, trend of online shopping is growing more and more. The eCommerce industry does not only revolve around online shopping, it encompasses huge areas in it like, online trading, business, money transactions, job opportunities, and many more. In Pakistan, many online websites are providing job opportunities which are beneficial for our future generations.


Moreover, apart from job hunting and purchasing gifts online, it is now very easy to find other services online like real estate, home and car maintenance, activity deals etc. There are various websites which are significantly playing their important role in making life easy e.g. OLX .com. Moreover, property dealers’ business is also booming with the availability of property rental and purchasing websites like for example with, eCommerce industry paves the way to new Smartphone companies, and new business rivals in Pakistan and around the globe as well.


Advantages to Organizations

  • Faster Communication
  • Prompt and Efficient Services
  • Reduced Paperwork
  • Increases Revenue
  • Viable for Business Expansion
  • Protects Investments and Credibility

Advantages to Customers

  • Cheap Rates
  • Quick Services
  • Quicker and Efficient Delivery
  • Discount Offers
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Easy Transactions
  • Variety of Options
  • Access to Reviews and Feedback

Advantages to Society

  • Less Traffic on the Roads
  • Affordable
  • Less Air Pollution
  • Home-based Opportunities
  • Boosts Economy
  • No Queues
  • Easy Access
  • Fast and Reliable Communication

In spite of issues like security concerns, transaction constrains, lack of Internet availability in rural areas, low illiteracy rates, dilapidated infrastructure, misconception of technology etc., the e-commerce sector has been growing for the last decade and will groom fast in the upcoming decade.

All in all, easy access of Internet, low cost of mobile phones, affordable online shopping etc., is paving the way of bright future of the eCommerce sector in Pakistan. This shows that the people of Pakistan are willing to adopt the new and emerging technologies. And irrespective of some hiccups, eCommerce is creating a massive and speedy impact in the country.