Be Edhi – Remembering World’s Greatest Humanitarian & Philanthropist

Humanitarians and philanthropists are remembered all over the world who working against the suffering of the human race but only few reach the height to be regarded as Pride of Humanity. We are truly blessed to have had a person whose larger than life persona is a symbolic representation of what actually humanity and compassion stands for. Abdul Sattar Edhi, a person who devoted his entire life for the underprivileged in every possible way, is and will surely remain, the most respected man of our country after its founder.

The most powerful words look too ordinary when you have to define a person of Edhi’s stature. It has been a year since the man Abdul Sattar left this world but has Edhi? No, it won’t ever happen as Edhi is a phenomenon, a philosophy, a legacy and an institution that will live on for the poor mankind. He was father to thousands of orphans, guardian to the homeless, hope to the helpless and the biggest lifeline for those who were abandoned by their own people, and is still among us.

The richest poor man Edhi was an epitome of simplicity and he spent his whole life like a practical sufi. He never complicated charity and social work rather simplified it by holding the spirit of humanity. His ambulance service doesn’t see religion, ethnicity or anything else and provides immediate help to everyone. His baby cradle welcomes every abandoned child and orphanage homes gives shelter to every needy person. He was a man whose joys and sorrows was never of his own. That is why the credibility of Edhi Foundation is beyond any doubt and it upholds great trust.

On his first death anniversary, the best tribute we can pay to his services is to own Edhi Foundation. He lived all his life helping others and now it’s our time to payback by carrying forward his mission. The seeds of sympathy and compassion for humanity have been sown and have resulted into one of its kind social welfare services’ organization. Let us pledge to support and strengthen the hands of Faisal Edhi in our own capacity by every sector, electronic and social media can especially play a key role in this by urging people to donate generously to the Edhi Foundation.

Be Edhi yourself and follow his footsteps by becoming voice of the poor, offering support to the abandoned and being messiah to orphans. Demonstrate any single activity in context to serving humanity be it anything, and become an Edhism Activist on his first death anniversary, because Edhism must be stay afloat and alive forever.

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