Eid Celebrations: Then and Now

Eid-ul-Fitr means happiness and pure joy all over that comes as a reward from the Almighty to His people after the month of Fasting. The euphoria at the biggest occasion of the year is supreme and cannot be summed in a few words. Eid is celebrated more and less in a traditional way with zest and zeal but it has changed a lot over the course of time. New clothes, greetings, gatherings, Eidi, feasts all are still part of this festivity but much differently than we used to have back in our childhood.

Here is an account of what exactly changed over the course of time.

Family Affair rather than a Community Occasion

The way Eid is celebrated today is a lot different from how we used to have back in the day. This occasion used to be more of a community affair as the whole neighborhood got together to celebrate this day. Today, even though we greet people on Eid, but it has turned into a family affair instead of a community fiesta. People like to spend the day with their family at home, relax and don’t bother to visit their neighbors. A collective joy and sharing happiness among our society members is missing from the Eid scenario today.

Love, Compassion & Simplicity Replaced

Eid in the old day was all about love, compassion and simplicity. But the simple affair is now elaborate one as a result of unnecessary extravagance. People used to come together and greet each other with warmth and core of their hearts because there was no competition of any sort. Our Eid used to be simple and stress free, which isn’t in the case anymore.

Excitement & True Spirit Missing

The excitement for Eid-ul-Fitr was always on the peak in the past especially children’s anticipation of this day was a treat to watch. But children today aren’t interested in getting into the spirit of celebrating Eid. We are failing to keep up this old tradition and keep the Eid spirit alive among in our future generations. We have to carry forward this legacy to our children that was passed on to us by our parents.

Culture of Traditional Food is Dying

Our traditional dishes, Eid specific food items like Sheer Khurma, Kheer, Shahi Tukray, Dahi Baray and etc are seen less and less now on this occasion. It has been replaced by an eclectic blend of cuisine that’s why today’s generation is completely unaware of our food culture specifically for Eid. Cakes, Donuts, Pastries, Pastas, Salads are good in taste but cannot be as sweet as the aforementioned food items that are simply Eid essentials.

Moderation & Contentment

Though we had less in the past on Eid, but we were richer, just because of a moderation and contentment at that time. In our childhood, we were content with the little things we had or were given on Eid day. But now it’s a showy race among your family and friends that has nothing to do with these elements. Eid festivities are not the same as you have to spend hefty amount of money at any cost to show that you are indeed ‘Celebrating Eid’!

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