Eid Gifts – Tradition of Sharing Love & Happiness

The joyous occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr is celebrated together with love and happiness. It is the time of unification of community and bringing people closer to share the joys of this blessed occasion. Where there are other rituals practiced at this biggest festival of the year, the exchange of gifts is one of them. Sharing gifts among your family members, friends and especially giving sharing with the underprivileged in the society is a tradition thankfully we are keeping up with. These Eid gifts mean a lot as it truly reflects your feelings for the receiver.

Here are some points detailing the significance of Eid gifts and why we should carry on this practice.

Token of Love & Care

Eid Gifts are a token of love and care for your loved ones and it makes them feel special. It indicate your expression of the importance you feel for them which is enough to merit some time from your busy routine. To find something suitable, one thinks for hours and gets it only after searching it in the shopping malls, that often becomes tiresome. As Eid is a time to cherish delightful moments, these gifts tell the receiver that they are on top of your mind and a priority in one’s life.

Gifts are Invaluable

Eid Gifts always weigh out more than currency notes as those are just identical pieces of paper where as a gift hold much more . As these gifts holds some special value and are distinctive, it doubles the many folds the joy of Eid. These gifts mean more to the receiver than all the ones combined of a year.

Sense of Unification & Brotherhood

Eid is not a singly observed holiday, it is truly a time to unify and bring about camaraderie in the community. With these Eid Gifts, a sense of unification and fraternity prevails in our society that is adopted by the members at large. This is indeed a wonderful sight that reflects serenity, brotherhood and smiles across all.

Promotes Equality in Community

Eid Gifts are a way to add more people in this unified happiness and bring together equality on all grounds. That’s how all members of the society operate to have a due share of these moments with the needy ones as well. Thus fulfilling our religious and social responsibilities too. We cannot imagine the endless delight we provide to these people in the form of Eid Gifts and the joy that this actions reaps for us is immeasurable.

Act of Sharing

The act of sharing and/or giving to the others provides you real happiness. One always feels satisfied and content after sharing gifts within family, friends or distributing to those who, unfortunately, don’t have much and are in need of these little things.

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