Let’s make this Father’s Day so special and unforgettable.

Parents are the blessed personalities who protect their children from all evils. Father is a person who possesses huge and dominant position in everyone’s life. Father’s day falls every year on the 3rd Sunday of June. Observance of Father’s Day makes father feel special, a day in which father is particularly honored by his children; in this day children celebrate fatherhood and show the importance of father in their life. In short, this day is the devotion of your love to your father.

imagesKODN1UVIThis day is being celebrated all around the world with full enthusiasm on 19thJune, 2016 to acknowledge the contributions of father.

Moreover, Father is the basic foundation of every family; not only he is the best companion for all children but he is the first hero for every child. Lengthy lectures or reprimand from a father doesn’t diminish the importance of a father because his love is unrivaled. Besides he is the strongest man children aspire to emulate; a father is like an ocean where we swim without any tension as we know in this ocean we will never sink. Since childhood, a child relies on father’s hands; those hands support him/her in taking tentative first step in this world. A father can be gracious, rigid, tender, and authoritative but his love is incomparable. Father compromises his whole life for children; quite the reverse, children don’t have time to give him special surprise on his fatherhood day.

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