A Tribute to Freedom Fighters of Pakistan Movement : A Cursory Glance to the History of Pakistan

Pakistan celebrates its Independence Day every year on 14th August with full enthusiasm, great splendor, and respect. People celebrate this day with different styles; some spend the day with friends and family, some keep themselves busy in different functions. Friends and families meet on this day and celebrate in various ways.


This day has a great significance in the history of Indo Sub-continent. Very few people know about the heroes of Pakistan history who fought for Freedom in the Indian subcontinent. These heroes are known as the Freedom Fighters because they protect Muslim community and gave an Independent state. August-Independence-Day-010


Pakistan is the land of the Muslim nation, as a Pakistani we should remember our freedom fighters who worked hard for the revival and rights of Muslims.

During British rule in the Indian sub-continent, people were indulged in all the malicious practices. Impotent leaders of Congress had created a lot of social and religious issues in the whole sub-continent. Whenever Muslims came under any danger or anyone tried to deteriorate the image of Islam, some renowned leaders came forward to save the religion. History is evident of all the incidents of past. These renowned leaders through their guidelines forced people to follow them in every walk of life. These leaders have a great contribution in the history of Pakistan. The renowned leaders namely;

                                      Muhammad Ali Jinnah


                                          Sir Syed Ahmad Khan


                                          Allama Mohammad Iqbal


                                          Choudhry Rahmat Ali


                                          Liaquat Khan


                                          Agha Khan



                                            Fatima Jinnah


                                             Sir Zafar-Ullah Khan


                                             Fazlul Haq


                                             Khawaja Nizamuddin


                                            Abdur Rab Nishtar


They contributed a lot their share for struggle movement. The evil policies of British and Indian leaders were prevailing in all the spheres of society and they were eating the social fabric of Muslim unity. The most significant movement which led by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan propagated against the British Rulers who accused Muslims of the war of Independence 1857.

This movement was basically started to clear the misunderstandings between British leaders and Muslims. There was a dire need of any leader who gave the right direction to Muslims, Hindus impaired the Muslims glory. Sir Syed Ahmed was the founding father of Two Nations Theory and he worked hard in educational uplift of the Muslims.

On the 23rd June, 1947 partition of Indian sub-continent was announced; which resulted in a huge massacre of Muslims.

5502810fc0e0ePakistan got Independence under the strong leadership of Quid-e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah (Father of the Nation) who supported Muslims in their Freedom struggle. untitled

He was accompanied by aforementioned leaders. No one can deny their contribution.

Our forefathers paid a heavy cost in the face of the loss of million Muslim brothers. The sacrifices of our leaders and forefathers can’t be forgotten.

The basic purpose of celebrating this day is to pay homage to our heroes and our leaders who protected Muslims and gave a piece of Independent land named as Pakistan. Independence-Day-Celebration-at-other-places

The team of 24hours.pk pays tribute to our freedom fighters, Thanks to your contribution and sacrifices.

Happy Independence to all of you!