Honoring Helping Hands of Pakistan this World NGO Day

By: Huba Khan

A Non-governmental Organization (NGO) is a non-profit, voluntary group (of citizens) which is established on a local, national or international level. It is an organization that has no (or little) concern or affiliation with the government in education, facilitation, wildlife, poverty, and/or other sectors. NGOs services are not an easy project recognized and celebrated on the 27th of February as World NGOs Day.

In Pakistan, overpopulation is a rapidly growing concern and most of them are living below the poverty line. These non-governmental organizations try to fulfill the human development needs and facilitate them with the best possible accommodations. There are many NGOs that are registered and working in Pakistan, that are making people’s life better and better with each passing day.

Aim of an NGO

Goals and aims vary from organization to organization. Some are organized around specific concerns others work on more of a generic level. Some support social causes and prefer volunteering for human rights, environmental issues or health. Others perform humanitarian functions, advocate and encourage political participation through a provision of information.

Types of NGOs

The types of NGOs can be classified into different variations but on the basis of their functions, these can be classified into orientation/campaigning level and operation level. The operational level involves mobilization of resources in the form of donations, material, and volunteers in order to sustain specified projects and programs. Whereas, the campaigning NGOs will perform the same function as operational, with a different balance. Fundraising and donation are necessary for any level of NGOs.

Top Active NGOs in Pakistan

EDHI Foundation

Abdul Sattar Edhi started with a small setup of a trust, he has always appeared as the most gracious and angelic personality for the helpless and hopeless. With the largest ambulance service in the world, Edhi Foundation had also volunteered internationally.


Edhi Foundation is one of the most trusted NGOs in any kind of critical condition such as natural disasters, attacks, orphans etc. Edhi offers shelters for not only human but they also have animal care centers. It also provides free hospital and dispensary facilities. The service and facilitation of Edhi Sahab cannot be described in words, at his death last year on the 8th of July the whole nation mourned and will continue to do so for eons to come.

The Saylani Welfare Trust

The Saylani Welfare Trust has the credit for setting the most respectful initiatives of providing food on a daily basis to the needy and low-income families with their trademark message ‘Free for All’. They receive donations and aids from different parts of the world which are used for the welfare of mankind in the country. They are also planning to make education affordable for every Pakistani with international standards at affordable levels.

Darul Sukun – For the Challenged

Another prominent NGOs in the list is the Darul Sukun which homes disabled and mentally challenged children and adults who have been abandoned by their families. Darul Sukun offers quality housing, counseling, and healthcare services to the people. The core objective of their services is to provide social and health care for elderly and disabled people.

Ansar Burney Trust Foundation

The battle against drugs and mafia, children in juvenile jails and their problems are some of the causes of the Ansar Burney Trust Foundation which they have been carrying out along with other social issues in Pakistan.  Ansar Burney himself is a great name for exceptional charity work. The NGO also raised voice and set the ‘Prisoners Aid Society’ to help the innocent, falsely acquitted.

Chhipa Welfare Association

With a small donation for the people, beind the gate of Civil Hospital in Karachi, the kind-hearted and generous man Mohammad Ramzan Chhipa started his own welfare trust for the sick and needy people. Adoption of the newly born abandoned by their own families is now known to be one of its most remarkable services. Chhipa Welfare Association also provides an active and reliable ambulance service nationwide.

Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre

After a successful and promising career, Imran Khan continued to inspire his fan with his noble social services and when Imran Khan appealed for donations, people donated with open hearts which helped him build the very first cancer hospital which offers low-cost or free treatment.

The inspiration of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre came after the death of his mother, Ms. Shaukat Khanum from cancer. After a successful operation in Lahore and Peshawar, Imran Khan is all ready to set his project in Karachi.

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