Importance of Pedicure in Summer

It’s summer and your feet are constantly on display when the temperature rises. It becomes hard to live in your ofavorite sandals as your tootsies are not ready due to the harsh sun beating.  Let’s be serious, no one wants to see a gnarly callus, chipped polish or an ingrown toenail.  The Plague problem becomes a common problem in this season.

Before you snap that shoe selfie, make sure your tootsies are flip-flop ready. Here are a few summertime tips to keep your feet looking fabulous in your sexy summer sandals, and extend the life of your pedicure to your next summer party!

For Cracked Heels:

If you’re lacking proper foot care, you may have heels that have become extremely cracked. Cracked feet looks unattractive. The picture shown below shows the way to overcome this problem:

home remedy

For Ingrown Toenails:

If your big toe suddenly becomes red and painful, you could be dealing with an ingrown nail. It happens when the corner of your nail grows into the surrounding skin, which totally puts a damper on showing off your latest pedicure. “The best way to avoid an ingrown is to file your toenails round at the corners. For best result try following home remedy.

in grown nail

For Stinky Feet:

The most embarrassing thing EVER is when you take off your shoes and realize that a smelly stench is coming from your feet. The wacky way to fight foot odor? You can deal with stinky feet easily. Get a roll-on formula and apply it to the soles of your feet 15 minutes before you put on sandals. Moreover, washing feet with soap and water daily works as well.

stinky feets

Yellow Nail Toes:

Wearing polish all the time can cause your nails to take on a yellowish hue. While giving your tootsies a break from the polish will help, it can be hard when you’re wearing sandals all the time. You can make the mixture of following ingredients and apply it daily till you get your nails shine back.

yellow nails

Shine on:

The top coat is equally important; it protects the polish from chipping and gives it a beautiful shiny finish. Once you notice your polish starting to dull a little, reapply another layer of top coat. This will breathe new life into the lackluster polish.

toe nails

File Away:

Using a pedicure file for just 10 seconds per foot each day in the shower will ensure that you won’t get those dreaded cracks in your heels. This small effort on a daily basis will give your feet the time they need to adjust slowly to having fewer calluses in those areas.file away nails

Pedicure Kit:

Regular Pedicure can easily be done at home.  You actually don’t have to waste your time by fixing an appointment and spend money in the beauty parlor. With the health buddy, Pedicure set an all-in-one grooming kit can give the complete care to your feet.

The kit offers a soothing, distressing and revitalizing experience to make your feet feel beautiful. This kit contains all the essential items you need for salon quality pedicure at your home. You can avail it online. I suggest you for such shopping.

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