Kitchen Handy Tools – A Smart Way to Maintain Health

By: Huba Khan

Today in Pakistan, food and its quantity really does matter. Many people remain uncertain about how much they should eat and most of them don’t even think of what a ‘Normal’ food portion is all about. Overeating in our society has now become a habit rather than a disease.


The concept of fitness usually regards to as healthy food and exercise. Most of us know that healthy and smart diet can help in achieving fitness but using easy and smart kitchen tools can effectively go along in keeping you healthy.

The home-based kitchen has undergone many changes in the last few decades. For example the large and unwieldy stoves have now become sleeker and are better designed in terms of utility. So here are the top ten (10) innovative and useful kitchen handy tools that can help you whilst cooking, whilst also maintaining your health.

Measuring Spoons & Cups

Measuring spoons and cups are one of the most convenient kitchen tools that every cook should keep in its kitchen. These measuring cups are used for oil, milk, and fats such as butter, salad oil, and etc. Also you can measure quantity of spices with spoons. They help in maintaining accuracy and limit the intakes of extra calories and spices in the recipe.

bb27e8ec12019f631410c097a8265ec0Hand Blender or Hand Mixer

Hand mixers or blenders really give you quick and easy whipped up smoothies, milkshakes, lassi, chocolate shakes, purée, sauces etc. Blending cooked vegetables and beans in your favorite curry is clinching with these handheld blenders.


Cooking in the steamer is the oldest technique which people are following from decades and is considered one of the healthiest ways of cooking food. The steamer is smart for cooking vegetables, fruits, fish, meat and other without adding oil. It is the best way to cut down calories and helping your routine diet.


Digital Food Calculator

Digital food calculator helps you in determining food portions. It is an easy way to watch your daily intakes. Today, with new enhancement in techniques and advancements, these digital food calculators also come with features of calories calculation.7KG-SCALE-WITH-BOWLSlicer and Grater

If anyone loves to cook, then slicers and graters are made for them. Slicer reduces your time wastage in cutting even, and uneven vegetables and fruits with complete safety. On the other hand, graters are handy tool for grating cheese, also used for grating vegetables and fruits. It is very useful when it comes to grating a small amount of chocolates for desserts as well.

Mandoline-Slicer-6-Piece-font-b-Grater-b-font-Cutter-font-b-Shredder-b-font-SlicingKitchen Scissors

Invest in those that return well, this is an apt way to describe a smart pair of kitchen scissors. They make easy to cut the fat off the meant, trim and snip mints and other herbs, also helps cut hard vegetables and nuts.


If you want to be a diet conscious person, then portion-controlled-plates should definitely be on your cutlery list. There are several kinds of food portion/division plates available in the market which has sections for different food groups such as cereal, pulse, meat group. These plates really help those who have diabetic and other health issues.

5f5598716c887b0d8c83b6ae647bad99Oil Mists or Sprays

Don’t want to cook your food in oil? Then just spray it down. Yes, these oil sprays are ideal for salad dressing, making omelets, and other food that requires little oiling. Instead of drowning your food in oil, the mist simply coats the pan with a fine layer of the oil that ensures healthy cooking.


Food Processor or Food Factory

The all-in-one food processor is a must kitchen tool as it offers multiple functions such as:

  • Mixing and Kneading Dough
  • Pureeing
  • Slicing and Chopping Vegetables
  • Shredding (cheese, vegetables, and other)
  • Grinding (nuts, seeds, spices, and meat)


Instead of drinking sealed and canned juices, try to make fresh juice at your home. The juicer is an ideal kitchen tool that allows you quick and healthy fruit and vegetable juice intakes.


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