Ladies Lower Wear Trend 2016-2017

Fashion Trends changes almost every season. The common question everyone asks is: What is the recent fashion in the world? I believe almost everyone is affected by fashion vibes. Fashion trends are known through culture and the fashion magazine with portrait and celebrity dresses fashion. Each country has its own fashion and we can find it cover 1from the respective search of Internet.

The recent design inspires each girl. The fashion of each country is different and you can find it. In yesteryears, the traditional lower of Pakistanis was mostly shalwar which was turned into straight trousers during late 90’s. Later people get more hypnotized by following the fashion trends and the world been compressed through the internet indulging the fashion industries into each other.

Here we tend to share trendy stylish girls Lower wear trend that is universal between the style divas currently. These terrific trends are stands for a fashionable outfit, glorious shoes and delightful fashion frills. You can easily shop online these in fashion lower wear from


All popular fashion brands of Pakistan include medium short shirts in their latest collection. It’s really important to match the right choice of lowers. Cigarette pants/ trousers are the perfect picks because it suits almost everyone whether a girl is skinny or chubby, Long heightened / Short Heightened. The cuffs can either be embroidered or just plain. They help you create a long sleek look. Some of the collection is shown below



This is a sort of wide leg pants. They look like full skirts but are worn with a drawstring. They are super comfy and look very appealing on women with narrow stature. They’re a big NO NO for women with wide physique but if you want to try them, who are we to stop you!



Remember the last time you wore bell bottom pants? Yeah…that was a LONG time back. Skinny girls out there, if you still haven’t gotten your darzi to stitch a dozen of these, we don’t even know what you’re doing with your life.

bell bottom


This one is not for the faint-hearted. You either love it or hate it. There’s no middle way. You either like your legs wrapped up in burritos or you don’t.

tulip pants


 Beautiful Shalwar kameez 2016 designs have always remained to be one of the favorite clothing choices of the women in the seasonal happenings of summer. Designers and brands do launch with their lawn collections that are composed of the salwar kameez suits but with various cuts and hues in it.


Basic salwar is worn by a number of Pakistani women every single day. These kinds of shalwars have frills in front originating from the center and of course the bottom part of salwar is a bit narrower than the rest.

basic shalwar


In this type of shalwars, the pleats start from the waist and make folds behind the legs. This kind of salwar is usually laden with pleats and is kinda heavy to wear. This kind of salwar takes double the length of fabric required to sew a normal salwar.



It consists of numerous pleats that originate in front and go back from the side while making the side look like U-shaped. Thus layers/pleats in this kind of salwar are on the outer side, thereby, giving it a dhoti like a look.

dhoti shalwar


The cuff of this salwar is wider and narrower than the normal salwar. The cuffs are much wider than the ones shown in the picture. There are several variations of afghani salwar popular among women.

afgnai shalwar


This kind of salwar is a sort of wide leg pants. They look like full skirts but are worn with a drawstring. They are super comfy and look very appealing on women with narrow stature.



This summer, the wide range of jeans offered is hotter than ever. Jeans are the main element of the clothes. They can be shortened to ankle or even turn into shorts. Cuts, scrapes, and even real holes are mandatory for collections of recent years will not disappear. This year Jeans with letters, numbers, inscriptions and lace are much in. Polka dots on jeans are one of new 2016 fashion trends.

jeans in


You won’t believe…. Dangri’s are back in fashion. One of the oldest fashion of the 80’s. The girls wearing dangri gives a look of cute school girls. Almost every brand has dangri collection. If you want to go back to your school days, you can grab it today.

denium dangris


Skirts were never out. One of the 70’s trend that always gives you a sophisticated English look. This attire gives a magical look to short heightened and chubby girls.


All girls reading out the blog! If you want to be a fashion icon of 2016, just click below and start to shop.

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