Improve Your Appearance & Look Your Best

It is very important to be well groomed. To get an elegant personality, one must value a presentable outer look. I took help from many beauty corners, friends and beauty magazine to know about grooming.
Let me share my experience and learning with you and I think we should start from cosmetics.
Make-up and hair plays solid role to make you look prettier and highlight your best features.


Do learn how to apply makeup properly. It may take practice. Ask a friend to help you or go to a cosmetic counter in a department store for advice.

Below are guidelines that can help you somehow:



Match foundation to skin tone for a natural look. Blend into neck area so that there is no visible line. Foundation should be applied lightly. Good foundation gives natural and fresh look.

Face Powder 

There are two ways to apply face powder. You can apply face powder after foundation or worn alone. It smoothes the skin and eliminates face shine.



Eye makeup makes your face more attractive. Apply it to natural brow line for best results. Try to match or blend your eye make with your natural color.


Wear light color blushes such as peach, baby pink, light pink and light brown shades. Blush should be placed at the highest part of your cheeks and then blended in.


The color of lipstick should complement your outfit. Avoid extremely dark or bright colors or bright reds and fluorescent colors.

Hair Style 



Hair style should complement your complexion and face shape. For every function, wear different hair style that gives you attractive, trendy and modern look.

Hair Color 

Pick your hair color carefully. The hair shades should not be more than one or two. Stay away from unnatural colors for example burgundy, green, purple etc.


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