Mann Mayal: The Best Family Drama

Pakistani dramas are always liked by the people of Pakistan and India as well. This time, Hum TV presents an amazing story drama named as Mann Mayal.5698c55347a64 (1)

It’s one of the most famous dramas these days and has reached its peak. The story of the drama is very catchy and appealing; the audience likes this drama a lot.images

The story revolves around the character of one girl names as Mannu (Manahil). She is the leading role of the drama accompanied with a hero Salahuddin. Mannu seems Naïve; she doesn’t know the complications of life in the starting of drama.

The heroine of the drama Mannu falls in love with mann-mayal-episode-05-hd-full-hum-tv-drama-22-feb-2016_20160223170521her teacher Salahuddin. They both loved each other, but the social barriers didn’t allow their union possible. The fabulous drama and its story are very popular among people.

Salahuddin also loved her but because of his weak social position, he shows arrogant attitude to Mannu and rejects her.  After rejection, Mannu accepted the proposal of Meekail (Gohar Rasheed) with deep sorrow and disappointment. In the initial phase of marriage Meekail appears as a good person, but changes into a villain sort of husband.

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The surprise package of Ayesha khan (Jeena)  and Gohar ( Meekail) is commendable and has made this drama amazing. The character of Meekail and Jeena has created suspense in every episode.


Mannu tries hard to keep her marital life alive but unfortunately Meekail divorced her in front of Salahuddin because he doesn’t want to take care of his wife and children. He feels his family as a burden. After divorced, the story turned again with suspense.2016-06-15_00h38_14


Jeena (Salahuddin’s fiancée) also plays an important role she shows love to Salahuddin and forces him for marriage and on the other hand, she starts an illegitimate relation with Salahuddin’s servant.mann-mayal-episode-21-hd-full-hum-tv-drama-13-june-2016-youtube-thumbnail

The story is going to an end soon because Salahuddin realized his mistake and now he wants to marry Mannu instead of Jeena. The performance of every character has made this drama a hit. Everybody has delivered a superb performance and showed loyalty to the characters. This drama is the perfect for family entertainment.images (3)

In the upcoming episodes, the negativity of the Jeena’s character will expose. We are waiting for the final episode of drama in which Salahuddin will marry Mannu. This drama is worth watching, so keep watching Mann Mayal and enjoy your time with family and friends.56d8149724e67