Memoir: A 90’s Kid & Pakistan Day

Writer: Mahad Tariq
Contributor and Collaborator: Wajeeha Shah

Every year a certain day comes and goes – the 23rd March. A national holiday where, all work is put on hold; you can sleep in, spend time with your family, take some time out for yourself, just kick back and relax for some. And for others Pakistan Day is celebrated with great zeal, enthusiasm, loyalty and joy. Programs are organized to highlight the importance of this day. Patriotic dramas and songs are prepared weeks before. The day starts with amazing performances by our forces followed by a cake cutting ceremony. But is this all that shows solidarity for the true meaning behind this day?

The 90s Kid and Pakistan Day Celebrations

Times have sure changed, I remember when I was a kid, I would spend this day out on the streets playing with friends just glad to miss a day of school, and Cricket was always on the itinerary. I mean how you can celebrate Pakistan Day without playing the most popular sport in the country. Hitting big shots and pulling out all the tricks in the bag was a must, given the occasion. A celebration also requires a fitting feast, and dishes like Biryani, Salan, Kebabs, Tikka’s, Kheer, Naan, were always on the menu. This particular time was also a great way to bond with family but due to my mischief and shenanigans.

I’d be the recipient of lectures and scolding from my parents while my siblings enjoyed full-heatedly, but I didn’t mind at all I was more focused on how to spend the remaining of the evening.  We needed to finish in style and nothing say’s style better than fireworks, I loved everything about it. The display, the sounds, and just being outside at night watching the sky light up. The funniest thing is I was always in a rush to get older, now that I am older most of my free time is spent on work, studies, family, and if I have time left I go sit with the same group of friends that I grew up with. Not specifically me, almost everyone considers this big day as an extra day for completing their pending works or sleeping all day.

Not to be taken for Granted – Our Homeland

We’ve already accomplished so much, first Islamic country to attain nuclear power, a huge rise in literacy in the last few decades, about half of the world’s hand-sewed footballs are made in Sialkot, natural beauty in the northern areas, and our army is always ranked in the top ten.

These are just some incredible things Pakistan has to offer. However we still have room to grow, so on this March 23rd, I am planning on breaking the cycle and doing something special. A small barbecue with my friends, and family where we come together as a community, and create awareness and plan a special message for this day that imprints us for years to come.

In that campaign, we will go over our resolutions for the upcoming years and topics that focus on a clean, safe, and prosperous Pakistan. We should see this day from a different perspective as a way to improve. We’ve been through so much as a nation had our ups and downs but I am very optimistic what the near future holds for this young nation and now with the new-generation-driven country that has much more to offer. It’s our responsibility to ensure we carry on what our founders envisioned.

And in the next 20 years, I feel Pakistan can be one of the brightest nations in the region and a global competitor. So on this 23rd March go out there and show how much this country means to you and what you have to offer it. How about we opt to share the joy with an exclusive collection of PKR 23.00 deals from the people of Pakistan!

Pakistan Zindabad!