Must Have Accessories for Eid, 2017

The festive occasion of Eid is waited with much zeal as it comes with all the celebrations and happiness possible. Surely everyone wants to dress up on Eid to look best and for this, just the outfit is just not enough. To take your style-quotient to the next level, one needs some basic but fabulous accessories that can add a bit more glam to your guise. It’s all different for women, men and kids, but Eid preparations are incomplete without these style essentials.

Here are some basic accessories that can be your fashion statement this Eid-ul-Fitr.


Women’s preparations on Eid is complete at the eleventh hour because they don’t want to miss out on a single thing for a debonair appearance.

  • Jewelry

Jewelry adds some serious sparkle to women’s clothing. As Eid falls in the summer, it is impossible to wear heavy embellished clothes, and same is the case with jewelry. Lightweight earrings are preferred opted without the necklace along with statement rings and comfortable, chain bracelets. Matching bangals on the other hand is must on this special day.

  • Handbags & Clutches

Handbags and clutches are on-trend and the biggest style symbol these days. On Eid, it has to be your partner wherever you go.

  • Heena (Mehndi)

Eid is not Eid without Heena (Mehndi) on your hands. This years-old tradition is one of the core elements of any Eid wardrobe.

  • Matching Make-up

The insane heat only allows you to add matching lipsticks, eyeliner and nail color in the Eid package to enhance your beauty.


Men are not less than women in this style race and they are often exctied to complete their accessorization on Eid.

  • Belts & Wallets

When it comes to this special occasion, new belts and wallets are a total must. Leather belts and wallets are recommended for a classy look, and evening gatherings.

  • Shades

Men hangout with their friends, family members and cousins even in the scorching heat of a typical Eid day. That’s why exquisite, fine shades are must item in their Eid accessories’ list to continue to uphold the cool-quotient  amongst buddies.

  • Wristwatch

A wristwatch adds grace to the man’s personality and one of the most favorite fashion accessory of men on Eid. This Eid, opt for contemporary dials and simplistic straps.

  • Perfumes

Men love perfumes and this is a known fact,  Eid is specifically a time to add a couple of new articles of scents in your collection.


Eid is really meant for the Kids and they are the ones who truly enjoy every second of it. The cool dresses coupled with chic accessories adds to the glorious charm kids already bring into the world.

  • Mini Purses for Girls/Mini Wallets for Boys

For those cutie pies and little champs, mini purses and wallets are in style and besides keeping their Eidi safe and secure is their top-most priority. This Eid, make sure you little one has the cutest bucket bag or cartoon-themed wallet to couple with the chic high-tops & mini heels!

  • Colorful/Cartoon Dial Wristwatches

A colorful or a wristwatch with a cartoon-themed is must have for kids this Eid. It is also the ideal way to teach your little one the art of reading the clock.

  • Shades

Little ones get all the more cute when they adorn themselves with cute, themed-based and colorful shades. With the blazing sun, this Eid gives you all the more opportunity to pick up a pair of adorable shades for your children.

  • Baby Jewelry for Girls

A pearls necklace, bubble-gum beads bracelets or the perfect little ring depicting her favorite cartoon character is the ideal accessory this Eid.