Online Shopping Boom in Pakistan

According to facts and figures, online shopping will be increased by 10 million dollars in developed countries within the next five years. In Pakistan the online shopping trend is now booming throughout the country. The Pakistani buyer today is enjoying numerous ‘eCommerce’ activities owing to proliferation of smartphones and availability of easy Internet connectivity.

Growth Estimation

In Pakistan, Internet access is limited to around 30 million users, but this however, is expected to rise up to 56 million and today, about 51% of Pakistanis approach online stores. If the Internet access is made easy in rural areas, then the eCommerce industry would be high as the sky in Pakistan.

Why did the ‘Boom’ Occur?

With the advancement in our IT industry, this boom in online shopping was predictable. It is quite simple that if you have Internet access then you can do online shopping with maximum comfort.

There are numbers of reasons for this growth:

  • Extensive usage of smartphones, tablets, and laptops
  • Use of social media by both the consumer and the retailer
  • Greater number of online shopping websites
  • Variety of goods
  • Payment on delivery, and much more

Popular Online Selling Categories in Pakistan

According to different surveys these categories are popular in online shopping when it comes to Pakistan:

  1. Food Deals
  2. Women and Men Electronics
  3. Hardware and Tools
  4. Designer Replicas (dresses, watches, perfumes, bags)

Prominent Features of Online Shopping



It is all about a customer’s convenience and the retailer’s profit. For example, customers who parent young children find it easy buying online products. It’s a matter of a few clicks and the product is at your doorstep. Shopping on a smartphone or a tablet is more comfortable than to go around the market, bargain with the shopkeeper and then purchase a product.

Face to Face Interactions

For many people, online shopping is an escape from face to face interactions with the salesperson because they find it miserable, arguing and dealing with salespeople and often do not have the time to engage in bargains and social courtesies.


Online Deals and Competitive Pricing

Lower prices rates and different deal packages are the main triggers for shopping online. Most of the people in our country are attracted by these factors.

These online websites offer ideal deals; they can get the same item as they buy at the local store but at a much lower price. Due to this factor, people have more channels for selection, and it has raised awareness in them about how offline shopping can prove expensive for them.

Time Saver

Online shopping can be done from anywhere and anytime, it makes a buyer’s life simpler because they do not have to get to ready just to roam around the market or sit through traffic jams. It only requires an Internet access, and anyone can click and purchase their desired product.


Customer Support Services

Online shopping websites are quite efficient in the art of compelling and convincing their customers. Not only they provide delivery at one’s doorstep but they also make their customer service departments available all day long. Therefore, if customers have any queries or need any assistance these websites provide complete convenience.

Review before Ordering

Online sellers provide complete information and guidance about their product so that the customer with the information provided can take an informed decision. They add reliability as these websites offer reviews and suggestions sections, where the buyer can read before finalizing any order.