Ordering Food Online in Pakistan

By: Rehan Hashmi

In Pakistan, ordering food online is largely in practice now days. Since the rise of internet usage, restaurants are taking up this approach with more dedication and focus. Almost every type (cuisine) of food is available with the ease of online ordering to treat your hunger pangs. Some online food services also provide a variety of food deals from a number of eateries of the city under one banner. Just browse the food you like and it is a click away to reach your door in a few minutes.


Channels for Ordering Food Online In Pakistan

  • Restaurants

Most of the restaurants now come up with special deals for online orders and offer free delivery at your doorstep. If you are indecisive about where to order food from then simply follow the path and place your order as per the given instructions.

  • Online Food Portals

There is a healthy competition among these eateries and it is hard to figure out the best one. Online food portals have made this choice easy. It leads you to the right choice which is most suitable according to the food you desire. One can satiate one’s appetite by ordering online through given method.

  • Google

Google is the perfect place to finding a restaurant near you. It can filter eateries based on your location and you can click any one to get details and order food online. Write specific keywords to narrow down your search like restaurants in Lahore, restaurant near Lahore airport or restaurants within one kilometer.

  • Food Apps

A number of food ordering apps are guiding the foodies to the best restaurants of the city with their database. Like Google, these apps find restaurants around you with the price range you indicate giving you a fair idea for making a choice. It works by using your phone’s GPS by to filter the restaurants near you. Such apps come with a variety of filters helping you make an informed decision.


Steps of Ordering Food Online

You can get your favorite food by online ordering in four simple steps as described below:

  • Search

First step is to find out the restaurants that deliver food to you with respect to your location.

  • Choose

Once you are done with finding out the restaurants, next is to select one and choose the food items you want to order.


  • Place the Order

Place your order as per the given instructions with complete address details and wait for the time required for delivery.

  • Food Delivery and Payment

The delivery person brings your order straight to your door. Check your order, order slip, pay and enjoy the food. The option of online payment via credit cards is also available.

Salient Features of Online Food Services

  • Variety of Cuisines

Online food services offer plenty of choices with a wide range of cuisines to cater the needs of every customer. By partnering with hundreds of restaurants; they provide food from every cuisine under one umbrella. Be it fast food or Pakistani, Arab or continental, seafood or Thai, these online food services have it.

  • Discount Offers

People are always tempted by discount offers and look for maximum savings. Online food services are always curating discounted food deals from top restaurants in the town. It makes quality food from famous restaurants affordable and budget friendly for all and sundry.

  • Special Mealtime Offers

Online food services have mealtime deals in the offering especially to gratifying students and the working class. These discounted midday, lunch time, brunch-time, afternoon deals grab their attention and satisfy their appetite at workplace or in universities.

  • Free & Fast Delivery

A food service is meant to deliver fresh and hot food at your doorstep through free and fast delivery. These online food services offer free delivery to their customers anywhere in the city and it is fastest in terms of time consumption.

  • Different Modes of Payment
    • Cash on Delivery
    • Credit Cards
    • Mobile Accounts
    • Bank Transfers

Online food services accept payments against your selected food via both online and cash payment modes for your convenience. Sometimes you don’t have the required amount in your pocket but have a credit or debit card, then pay online and get the food delivered. The conventional mode of cash on delivery is an industry standard.

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