Pakistan is Mourning in December yet Again | PK-661

By: Huba Khan

On the afternoon of December 07, 2016 around 04:20 PM, a commercial Pakistan International Airline’s (PIA) plane crashed down in the north, killing all 48 people on-board. Flight PK-661 from Chitral to Islamabad went down in the Havelian area, about 70 KM (43 Miles) north of Islamabad. The country’s famous and iconic singer turned Islamic Preacher, Junaid Jamshed and his wife, were unfortunately also on-board.

During a press conference, Chairman of PIA, Azam Sehgal expressed on the incident:

“It is a tragic accident and we are not folding our back from core responsibility…We accept that it was our aircraft, and these were our passengers, and what happened is very sad.’’’

A total number of forty-two (42) passengers, along with five (05) crew members and one (01) ground engineer  were aboard the aircraft who are not with us anymore, confirmed by the PIA officials.

The locals of that area came to help the rescue process, the troops and army helicopters immediately landed near the crash site to accelerate the rescue arrangements. PIA has arranged an ‘Emergency Response Center’ to provide possible help to the unfortunate families. According to government officials, all bodies are burned, and beyond recognition.

The bodies were shifted to the Ayub Medical Teaching Hospital. There were 31 men, 9 women, and 2 infants in that flight.

According to Media Reports:

Three foreigners were among the dead, with Austria’s Foreign Ministry later confirming two of its nationals were killed and the Chinese State Media saying one of its nationals was also among the victims.

Those who witnessed this shocking crash said that the pilot tried to save the small local town (Basti), he tried to assemble its control over the plane but did not last long. The plane crashed in the mountainous area, Havelian.

Our Star is in the Skies – Junaid Jamshed, Shaheed

The crash swallowed 48 lives which included Deputy Commissioner Osama Ahmed Waraich, and Junaid Jamshed and his wife Nahya Junaid. According to Junaid Jamshed’s family, he was in Chitral, for his preaching purpose (Tabli’gh).

Junaid Jamshed, the singing sensation dominated the 90’s era with his beautiful and mesmerizing voice. He was the part of the evergreen pop band ‘Vital Signs’ along with Rohail Hayat, Salman Ahmed and others. They were guided by the none other than famous Pakistani talent Shoaib Mansoor.

He achieved a golden page in History with the most chanted song of the country ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’. This song has become Pakistan’s identity after the national anthem. They were recognized internationally particularly with this song. According to his friends and devotees, he was a man of principles. They are in utter shock and unable to express their sorrow on the incident. The nation is still in the condition of sudden-grieve at their icon and hero’s death.

His Way to Spirituality

After 9/11, he gradually moved away from the music industry and was inspired by another famous religious scholar, Tariq Jameel. He joined the global movement of Tablighi Jamat’s mission, to spread the true spirit of Islam and give the right guidance to the Muslims of the world. He once said that he was very intact and sensitive with his matters with Allah Almighty. He always wanted to preach the beauty of our Last Prophet’s (P.B.U.H) teaching and practices. He and his fellows went to many countries for preaching tours.

He turned as a Na’at Khaw’n and recited hymns praising Allah and the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). He also hosted Islamic shows on various TV channels.


He also started a fashion and beauty chain, J. (J Dot), a fusion traditional-modern garments for men and women which later produced J. Fragrances and beauty products, which also become an international brand and a praiseworthy name for every Pakistanis because of its unique designs and quality recognition.

 Concluding the Tragic Loss

Junaid Jamshed has left three sons and one daughter, and millions of fans around the world with unbearable pain and sadness. He was a man who took responsibility to clean his city, Karachi and brought such issues to surface. He was a true Pakistani, his all his work and thoughts were for Pakistan.

In his last tweet, he called Chitral as Heaven on Earth, so let’s pray that May Allah grant him to a peaceful and beautiful place, his final Heaven.

PIA Response Center Contact:

  • 021-99044376 and 021-99044394

The National Disaster Management Authority also set the Emergency Operation Center.

  • Helpline Number: 111-157-157

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