Personal Grooming Products for Women

It is your best friends wedding and you want your hair game to be on point without spending a penny at the salon because you are running out of time? You are a working woman and constantly need a beauty routine to make yourself look presentable every day? Sigh! Only a woman can understand the pain you are going through and the hours you have spend on wax, manicures, hair straightening, dying hair or other stuff you do despite the time constraint to look like a diva. However, it’s time to chalk it up to time constraints as we have a few shortcuts to help you through your grooming routine.

Here are a handful of grooming products that will save your bacon in looking radiant!

Hair Dryer

Philips Ionic Care 2300W Hair Dryer – (HP8260)

Hair is a woman’s glory – It must be kept neat, clean and dry. Why leave them wet and clumsy when you can dry them off with a hair dryer in just 5 minutes? You can get an ideal hairstyle by simply blow drying your hair.

Hair Straightener

Philips Kerashine Hair Straightener With Keratin Ceramic Coating – (HP8316/00)

Need a sleek, salon-like look for an upcoming hang-out with friends? Well, you do not have to visit any parlor. Just buy a hair straightener and straighten your hair anytime you want to get that perfect look for all the occasions.

Hair Curler

Andrew Barton Slim Ceramic Hair Tong

Beachy waves or loose curls, all women yearn for a chic, cascading bouncy hair to flaunt. Now, you don’t have to braid them up overnight to get this look. Just grab a curling iron and with a single touch of a button, style your hair the way you want!


Philips Satinelle Essential Epilator (BRE200/00)

Waxing hurts and which hurts the most is the hefty bulk you pay to your salon expert along with every months regular visits. If you are done with it already, it’s time to buy epilators! It is time saving, handy and efficient at the same time. Get rid of unwanted hair in no time now!

Facial Massager

Philips PureRadiance Facial Cleansing System – (SC5265/12)

Need a salon-like treatment at home? Grab this wonder tool – a facial massager to make your skin brighter, smooth and perfect. There is no need to get an appointment every month for a glowing skin! This handy tool will give you all you want without any hassle.

Hair Threader

Slique Hair Threader

Every now and then you visit your parlor to have your eyebrows done. The only problem here is that the esthetician makes them either too thin or the shape is not ideal. Well, ladies the good news is that you can easily continue the legacy of traditional threading method by tugging your eyebrows yourself and that too pain-free! All you need is the threading facial hair remover to get rid of the facial hair without any pain.

Nail Paint Dryer

NailStar Professional UV & LED Nail Lamp/Nail Dryer.

Getting late for work and your nail paint does not dry? Problem solved. These nail paint dryers will cure your problem in just a few seconds! They are efficient and time savers plus you don’t have to wait around for your nails to dry.

If you are looking for any of the above mentioned products you can simply buy them through browsing the personal grooming section at 24HOURS.PK and give yourself a treat!