The Most Popular Fast Food Items in Pakistan

By: Rehan Hashmi

The fast food industry has progressed rapidly in Pakistan in the last few years due to the shift in lifestyle. The delicious looking, easy cooked, fast food is loved by everyone and available in a variety of cuisines. Today it is found at almost every corner and provides a tempting taste with a sense of joy to treat your hunger. Burgers, shawarmas, and pizzas are always high in demand and pretty much affordable for all and sundry.

Now we present to you a list of most popular fast food items in Pakistan that make you crave day and night.

Burgers (Omelette/Shami/Chicken/Zinger)

Who doesn’t like burgers? It is an item loved and craved by all. For years, burgers (Omellete/Shami/Chicken/Zinger) were the only fast food luxury we used to have when our lifestyle had not yet been evolved to the current stage. Still, it enjoys huge demand and it is good enough to kill your hunger anytime with some serious mouthwatering taste. Burger points are everywhere around you to offer these burgers at extremely affordable prices. Instantly cooked in front of you, it satisfies your taste buds and you can even make it at your home by your own.


In Pakistan, you won’t find a single road in urban areas where there is no “Shawarma Wala”. In the last couple of years, this fast food item has got into everywhere with abundance. It is normally made of chicken and vegetables like cucumber and pickled onions with a number of oriental sauces. Available at a price even less than that of an omelette burger, it can satiate your tummy easily with the blend of spices and meat. To deal with your hunger at once, Shawarma is the fasted, economical solution available nowadays for everyone.


Pakistanis are crazy for pizzas, and surely, it is the most desirable fast food item everyone loves to have anytime. A world of cheesy, saucy goodness tickles your taste buds with every bite. With your family, friends or bunch of colleagues at office, Pizza is a real delight to have. Pizzas are available in the most delicious of flavors that add to the attraction quotient of this fast food option. It consists of bread–type dough topped with tomato sauce and cheese and a number of different toppings. There’s nothing quite like a pizza slice. Nearly everyone, young and old, flock to the classic Italian dish that is now accessible everywhere and pretty much easy on the pocket.

Chaat (Chana Chaat/Fruit Chaat)

This list will remain incomplete without mentioning chatpati Chana Chaat or Fruit Chaat. Is there anyone who can say No to this item? It is a traditional item that has its own taste and available at a number of food carts and at chaat corners. Chana Chaat is made of chickpeas, onions, potatoes, chilies, tomatoes and mint with spicy sauces well mixed in it. Fruit Chaat has its own flavor and now also made in cream(Cream Chaat) as well . In the holy month of Ramadan, chana chaat or fruit chaat has to be in your iftar menu daily.

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