Popular Sweets for Eid-ul-Fitr

Eid-the most awaited Muslim festival is just around the corner and it’s the right time to write about Eid and its celebration ideas mainly food ideas. Eid-ul-Fitr commonly known as Meethi Eid is the festival that is all about new and colourful clothes, parties, food and most importantly Sweet dishes or desserts. Sweet Dishes complete Eid Celebration and there are certain sweet dishes or meetha that are associated with Eid like Sheer Khurma other sweets is Mathai and for the past few years, EID special cakes are also adding more sweetness to our EID celebration.

Every family has their own special sweet dish recipe for Eid. These traditional recipes are descended from the Mughals and are adding charm to our Eid menu.

Sheer Khurma0005LK010

The First day of month Shawal- the Eid day starts with Sheer Khurma. It’s a tradition that has been following by Pakistanis from so many years to eat Sheer Khurma before leaving for Eid Prayer. Sheer is the dense mixture milk, vermicelli, dry fruits such as almonds, pistachio, saffron, khoya and more as you can add to increase the taste. It’s the delish food and is closely associated with Eid festival.



Mithai is the main sweet dish is Pakistan. Be it a wedding, Eid or other religious or cultural festival Mithai is the important part of the menu. A variety of Indian and Pakistani Mithai is available at different sweet shops.


Kheer is also important and widely liken sweet dish on Eid. It’s a creamy milk rice pudding with rich nuts. Every city in Pakistan has its own special kheer recipe. There are different flavours and variety can be found in this traditional sweet dish.  No other dessert can take its place especially in a wedding.

Eid Special Cake

The Cake is the new addition in Eid desserts. New in a sense that other desserts have traditional importance and part of Eid sweet dish menu for ages. Cakes used to be specified for birthdays in Pakistan but now it’s an important Eid dessert. Customize Eid cakes are now available at every bakery and also on online deal websites.

Every dessert or sweet dish is adding sweetness to our Eid celebration, make your favourite traditional sweet dish at home or double your celebration by buying special Eid cakes deals from 24hours.pk