Problems Faced by People in Learning English Language through Writing Skill

Writing is a very complicated and difficult process in any language. Writing is a way through which a person can express his or her views in a better way. Effective writing normally requires so many things which are very difficult to manage like vocabulary, development of ideas, proper grammar, information, sentence structure etc. paper-with-writing-clipart-CENTER_SIGN_WRITING


Moreover writing process involves mental activity, control on text, intelligence, freedom of ideas, grammar, vocabulary etc. It’s a way of communication. Normally students of L2 (second language) learners hate to write because of so many reasons. Every language has different skills to learn, as far as English is concerned writing skill plays important role in learning.







People face challenges in understanding the English language through writing because of mother tongue influence. English has many skills reading, speaking, listening and writing. These all skills are interconnected to each other and a language is incomplete without any skill. Writing is considered as productive skills among four skills of language.




Furthermore people commit a lot of mistakes during writing and because of these mistakes they face challenges in their career and this poor performance makes them discouraged in the academic career.



There are so many factors which are contributing in writing difficulties like lack of vocabulary, poor grammatical structures, spelling blunders, ineffective paragraphs, no proper sequencing, wrong use of punctuation marks etc. These mistakes hinder the progress of people in every stage of life either its academic level or in office level and as well in the other fields of life.

People who are good in communication and writing are leading a good career because as professional companies hire these students and as compared to these, students who are unable to speak or write English but they are good in other fields of life are not encouraged by the companies.12

Tricks to enhance writing skill:


  • Equal importance should be given to writing skill as compared to speaking skill.
  • Obsolete old English teaching methods in schools
  • Instead of cramming creativity should be promoted.
  • Student centric approach is better for the students so that teachers work hard for writing Skill.
  • In every English class written short exercises should be given to students so that they learn fast their errors.
  • Feedback is very important for every test.
  • Peer writing should be encouraged.
  • Proper pedagogical training is required for writing skill for the teachers.