Top 5 eCommerce Companies in Pakistan

By: Huba Khan

eCommerce Companies and Pakistan

The new phenomena that involves buying and selling of goods and services on the Internet and on different online social networks is known as eCommerce. In Pakistan, the development of eCommerce has led many individuals and companies to move much of their business efforts to online environments.


The ‘Dot Com’ craze that triggered in the early 90’s has now become a normal expression, people living in Pakistan has now becoming depended upon it. This trend has been increasing due to its easiness and utilities. Instead of being stuck in the traffic and paying extra, unfair fairs in transportation, people now find these online companies as heaven-sent!

eCommerce Service Process

Several ways are being used and applied for eCommerce in Pakistan. Ordering through a phone call or SMS is the most common way also there are many payment options which online companies offers and people opt to use like credit cards, cash on delivery, eMoney (PayPal, Google Checkout, Easypay and etc). The process of ordering and delivery goods involves many steps, which can be understood through this infographic:


 Pakistan’s Top eCommerce Companies

When a customer looks for a desired product and they find its required information from any Internet resource, then this becomes a competitive advantage. People compare goods and services before purchasing them.

There are several companies which offer online shopping and online services, giving people a freedom to choose or reject. For example, a company like which is emerging as a competitive online company offers a variety of services in terms of clothing, food, electronics, spas, many other categories with free, nationwide delivery service. In a few years, it has gained a prominent position in Pakistan’s growing online market.

So here are the top five (05) online companies which are considered as the best and reliable online companies in Pakistan.

One of the leading web base shopping stores in Pakistan is which offers a variety of goods and products including electronics, mobile gadgets, clothing, home appliances, kids’ products, jewelry, home appliances, and much more with cash on delivery. Its 7-days returning policy is the best in the case of any defect in the products. In terms of online shopping of clothes and shoes, is at the top position when compared to its competitors.

daraz is considered as the safest online shopping website in Pakistan. Their quick and friendly response makes its best feature. It has an Android and an iOS application which add much to its famous convenience. They offer a wide range of products like shoes, books, consumer electronics, computers, car accessories, and etc.

Screenshot-369 is not very old but has gained enough reputation to sustain amongst the top in this rapid and tough online market. From women and men clothing, shoes, food discounted deals, gift items, and electronic items to many other is offered by this eCommerce platform. Free and fast delivery is what makes it a reliable service provider.

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CarSure by

CarSure is not a car maintenance service provider but they give car inspection services. People find difficult in purchasing used or second-hand cars and are unable to trust the sellers but this scenario has changed by CarSure. Their staff visits, inspects and provides a report that helps the buyer.

pakwheels-car-sure-640x360 is an online pharmacy and medical store with a full network all over Pakistan, started by Apothecare (PVT.)Ltd.’s. An order placed through the online is verified with the prescription via email or fax and only after that the desired medicine is delivered to your doorstep.


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