Top 5 Haunted Places in Karachi


There are plenty of places in Karachi which are “considered” haunted and you should not dare visit them, well at least that’s what everybody around says. There are some places where you may get a feeling of being watched by someone. Have you ever experienced some paranormal activity at your home or at some other place? May be yes? Right? Everyone experiences paranormal activities but some do not believe in ghosts so if they experience any paranormal activity they take it as their dubiousness. But best we let our readers decide for themselves as to what it is and how it is.

Haunted places exist everywhere in the world. But let’s discuss top 5 top haunted places of Karachi and judge for yourself!


1) Mohatta Palace: Shocked to see its name? Many people have visited this place but most of them do not have any idea that it’s has been known to be haunted for many years now. It’s an old museum so people do come and visit this place. But unfortunately, this is the first haunted place in our list. Actually many people have apparently stated to be eye-witnesses for paranormal activities there right after 06:00 PM only. Guards claim that things have a tendency to move from one place to another when there is no one in the palace and that’s something indeed strange to hear. They also claim that from the palace’s room they have heard sounds of huge parties. Wine glasses floating through the air. Things seem to have been rearranged each morning; things are never at their places when they wake up in the morning.


2) Shireen Cinema: Another haunted place of Karachi is the Shireen Cinema. It is located near North Karachi. Some unusual happenings have been faced closely by some of the staff members who have spent some quality time at this cinema. Since then, it’s been closed for public. It’s apparently a haunted place of Karachi where a ghost arrives to watch movies and enjoy. Water dripping can be heard there by anyone although there is no water-pipelines in the cinema as it has been closed for many years now. According to one of the staff members of the cinema, there are too many ghosts that live there with their families and their voices can be heard in different areas of this old cinema. Knowing no one is in the cinema, still at night anyone can easily hear mumbling voices at the back row of the cinema. Shadows can easily be seen on the wall when sitting in front of the screen. Yes, that’s all happening inside the Shireen Cinema. But once again, we will let our readers decide, whilst we continue on this interesting journey of haunted places in Karachi.


3) Chowkandi Graveyard: It’s one of the most haunted graveyards of Karachi. It’s located near national highway of Pakistan. It is pretty ancient, around 600 hundred years old. After sunset, people are likely to experience some unusual happenings and that is why many consider visiting this place past sunset to be not safe. People who live nearby claim that they have heard people shouting and apparitions have also been witnessed.


4) House No. 39 K, PECHS Karachi: It’s one of the most famous haunted houses, located near P.E.C.H.S, its famous for a pale women that roams around the house at night, walking along the house and the street. People of this area claim a pale woman, wearing a white dress roams the streets. Well there are number of stories behind this house. Perhaps, you’d like to visit and decide in person?


5) Karsaz Road: Last but not least, this place is famous with the name; the Bride of Karsaz. The house near Karsaz is considered haunted; bride in a red dress lives there, while some say in a white dress. There is an old tree just behind that house which looks really scary. There are many stories that revolving around this house. According to legend, a young married couple in 1970’s was driving home on their wedding night, and a tragic accident happened near Karsaz. Another suggests a misfortune with a young girl. Well there are plenty of stories that go around. People have been reporting sightings of a bride on the Karsaz road, who tries to stop the cars in the dark and asks for lift. We wish all the safety to our readers but also encourage curiosity but again with much, much precautionary measures.

Visit at your Own Risk!

Image Courtesy: S. Jamal.