Top 5 Rooftop Dining Restaurants in Lahore

The highlight of Lahore city has always been its rich food culture and Lahoris represent it with signature panache. The cultural heart of Pakistan is hub to a number of traditional and fine dining eateries but the latest addition is of rooftop dining restaurants. Who doesn’t the want to enjoy the tastiest food of Lahore with the serene sights of the city in the open-air, breezy atmosphere? Whether it’s the scorching heat of summer, a moderate weather or winter’s crisp air, it cannot get better than enjoying delicious food with your loved ones at one of the best rooftop restaurants of town.

Let us have a look at the best rooftop dining restaurants in Lahore.

Haveli Restaurant

Haveli is said to be the trend setter in rooftop dining in the town and it all began with the walled city of Lahore’s Fort Road Food Street. Set in place with Lahore’s historic monuments, it is truly a wondrous place for foodies who are looking for something different. With its delicious traditional cuisine along with the breathtaking view of oldest buildings of Lahore, dining at Haveli is truly a real experience. For a fun filled evening with quality food, excellent service and panoramic view of this walled city, Haveli is the obvious choice.

Bistro 201

If you are looking to dine under the skies with a calm ambiance in the urban area of Lahore, Bistro 201 will suit you best. Located in the iconic Mall Road of Lahore, it offers exceptional dining experience of continental cuisines. The serene and enchanting environment with the peace of a white setting is what makes Bistro special for its clientèle. With the addition of Live Music, you get great food for your appetite and soul all in one place!

The Monal Lahore

The Monal Lahore doesn’t need any introduction as the brand’s successful journey continues in Lahore after the capital city. At the central location of the city, Monal serves mouthwatering continental food with the picturesque 360o sight of Lahore’s urban center (Liberty). In a short span of just two years, it has become the foodies’ hub offering all, the taste, the ambiance, the delighted feeling what one can expect. Its awe-inspiring design is close to nature and provides you with a memorable experience.

Koyla – The Barbeque

Dining under the stars is unbeatable but it becomes even more divine at Koyla – The Barbecue. The restaurant provides an ideal setting by the side of a stunning swimming pool and offers a wide range of BBQ items and continental food. Live music and cooked to perfection, lip-smacking food makes for a perfect romantic evening for you and special someone. Koyla marked its footprints in rooftop dining just a year ago but rightly prides itself of delivering the best – together with BBQ spice and a classy atmosphere.

Maisonette Rooftop Restaurant

Maisonette Rooftop Restaurant entertains you with a mesmerizing view of modern Lahore while sipping steaming coffee. It offers a vast variety in menu with a lively environment under the shade or sky all day long with live music. The restaurant boasts glamorous setting and top-class food quality which is the biggest attraction for customers.

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