Top Makeup Bag Essentials for Working Women in Pakistan

By: Huba Khan

Women in our society have many roles and perform different tasks at a time, and especially working women, they have to face a mission-impossible task every day. They have to manage both the office and house. It is important to know that a well-maintained personality really counts at your working environment (both for men and women). Some women do not have the time to do a full-face makeup every morning and thus need a few basics to master the art for their daily routine.

Why to Carry Makeup?

There are some cosmetic products that every working lady should carry. Carrying a few basics or a bunch of personal favourites helps you tackle the grooming processing during the entire day, especially if your day involves day to night transitions.


There are certain rules for working in a professional environment that everyone is bound to follow, and grooming is one of them. In a busy and hectic routine, women should take the time out for and experiment with different styles.

Top Makeup Essentials for Working Women

Here is the list of cosmetic products that every working woman should carry in their bag and can help them out in any sudden situation.

BB Creams or CC Creams

First thing you need in your makeup bag is something for your face. For covering those fines lines, dark spots, irregular skin tone and other things that make your face seem dull are easily get covered by these BB or CC creams. BB (Blemish Balm) and CC (Color Corrector) are the best partners for your 10 minute-get-set-ready formula. These creams are offered by a variety of brands and are easily available in the market.

The most popular and reliable brand for BB creams in Pakistan is Garnier:

Garnier’s BB cream gives you:


  • Natural and Fairer Complexion
  • Light and Breathable Coverage
  • Easy Blending
  • SPF 24
  • Miniaturization

Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream

This CC cream is by Clinique, blends easily and has a lightweight texture. It offers you:


  • Medium Coverage
  • Long Lasting Base
  • Light in Weight
  • Hide Dark Spots and Under Eye Circles

Eye Liner or Kohl

There’s an old saying, ‘Eyes are the gate of one’s soul’, so don’t you want to decorate that gate with dark and pointed arcs? Kohl or an Eye Liner is the best and easiest way for changing your appearance.

Maybelline Master Kajal is perfect for your daily wear. Its main features are:


  • Long-Lasting
  • Acts as both Kohl or Liner
  • Waterproof
  • Smudge Free


Have you ever noticed by applying only a good lip color, it suddenly lightens and brightens up your face? For those hectic meetings schedules, try to opt for decent lip colors and yet make you look the part.

Revlon is a famous brand of Lipsticks in Pakistan for their quality and variety in colors.


Nail Paint

In the working environment, clean and well-groomed nails reflect one’s personality. It is important to carry soft and trendy nail paints that look sober and appealing.

OPI has the best range of nail colors and nail gels, which offers you long lasting and crack free coverage, with one coat only.


Contour or Blush

Contouring is the last part that you can do after renewing your appearance. A simple and sober touch of pink cheeks always looks amazing.

NARS Blush can be the best option for the perfect ending to your makeover.


It offers you:

  • Creamy Texture
  • Easily Blending
  • Soft and Simple


Body odors are just not acceptable at a workplace and when interacting with people. Perfumes are the most important accessory that women should carry.

Burberry offers awesome and soothing fragrances, and also it is a popular brand in Pakistan for quality bags and perfumes.



From BB Creams to perfumes, these are the basic things that every woman must carry. If you are not a working woman that does not mean you cannot opt for these habits. These are also considered as ‘Contemporary Actions’ these days. Not only women but men also do carry certain accessories that help them out when tackling unexpected grooming challenges in the working environment.

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