Untold Success Story of #KhudhKushDeals

Well it’s finally back to normal, the sign’s of the aftermath of the #KhudhKushDeals are visible and apparent. Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad are still buzzing with 24HOURS.PK’s name on the tip of their tongues, some still trying to see if they can still take part in one of the biggest online shopping deals that had over 30 deals and 2500 products for only Rs. 23/-, yes boys and girls it’s not a typo Rs. 23/- was how much 24HOURS.PK charged during this Pakistan Day on March 23, 2017.

And the best part is that true to form, the deals went live around the clock for every hour on the hour, for products like; Virtual 3D Glasses, SIM Supported Smartwatches, Power Banks, Movie Tickets, Cosmetics, Food Deals, and much more. What made this day special for the 24HOURS.PK team were our customers both new and old who came out in numbers to show their support, a staggering number of new customers from all corners of Pakistan flowed-in including 52% from Karachi, 21% from Lahore, and 11% from Islamabad. A 355.6% increase in total transactions with over 57,000 new subscribers was observed. It’s safe to say, 24HOURS.PK made quite the noise, and the best part the youth of Pakistan were the engine pushing us forward with 90% traffic from users between the ages of 18-34.

And like every success story, 24HOURS.PK had to overcome adversity as well, with close to 3 million page views the website crashed 10 times, but fortunately with the aid of a great Development Department, each crash was minimized to almost 5.6 minutes during this excessive inflow of traffic. The tag of “Khudh-Kush Deal” was also a sensitive topic, but 24HOURS.PK was able to change the meaning in this context, and use it as a positive light and bring only betterment and value to the consumers. This Campaign helped the team grow; learn from the strengths, weakness, and prepare for future endeavors. So friends make sure you subscribe to the daily newsletter and be the first to hear about the best deals to come, till next time, Happy Shopping from 24HOURS.PK!