Waistcoat –The Most Popular Choice for Men at a Mehndi

By: Rehan Hashmi

The wedding season is on the roll across the country and not only women but men are also conscious about their outfits during such festive occasions. In Pakistan, Mehndi is considered as the most colorful and enjoyable function and men always love to wear traditional dresses on this day.

For years shalwar kameez, kurta shalwar with yellow chunri has been the traditional mehndi dress for men, be it simple or embellished with embroidery and kind of stone work. But fashion trends keep changing and now it has been replaced by waistcoats which are the most popular choice for men at a mehndi function. An Eastern waistcoat gives men a stylish and royal look and still comfortable enough to enjoy the festivities. These waistcoats are available in a variety of designs that add elegance and grace to your personality when worn with contrasting combination of shalwar kameez.


Origin of Waistcoat (Eastern)

The roots of the eastern waistcoat lie at the heart of the 19th century when it was worn with shalwar kameez as the official dress code in the subcontinent. At that time, it was a regular wear but now the fashion designers have altered it to make it more up-to-date. Designers have also reshaped its collar designs and stitching patterns with the touch of fancy fabrics to become the smart choice for everyone.

The following waistcoats are trending these days at mehndi and others wedding events.

  • Velvet Waistcoat

The graceful yet chic velvet waistcoats are on-trend as these complement the style of all men. These velvet waistcoats turn on your sophisticated look when paired up with a contrasting suit or a kurta shalwar. Your personality surfaces to be impressive and in such a weather suede is the way to go. Easily available in a variety of regular and vibrant colors, ready-made velvet waistcoats are easy on your pocket as well.


  • Jamawar Waistcoat

The Jamawar waistcoats are trendiest and fancy to be worn at such occasions. Owing to its class, elegance and colors of tradition, these waistcoats add to your style statement. These are the best even for groom for a Mehndi or a Nikkah ceremony. Offering a variety of colors and patterns, Jamawar waistcoats are selected widely as a theme for boys at Mehndi functions along with kurta shalwar or a pajama.


  • Plain Classic Waistcoat

These simple, plain classic waistcoats define oclass and carry one’s entire persona. Available in plain regular colors like off-white, white, black, and grey mostly, these are perfect for your formal look and create an appeal. These cultured waistcoats are a graceful attire to be pulled off on the occasion of Mehndi as it is in-fashion these days.


  • Printed, Patterned Waistcoat

The creativity of designers has expanded the eastern waistcoat range to multiple patterns and designs. A wide array of patterned and printed waistcoats is available in market that adds to the choices men have for such occasions. The famous Ajrak patterned waistcoat is the best example to quote your dapper statement among the crowd especially when coupled with a black suit and rolled up sleeves.

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