What does your Clothing Say About You?

By: Wajeeha Shah

First Impression is the Last Impression”.

Have you ever heard of this saying? Well, it’s the most common human psychology principle and is seen being implemented almost by every single person on the planet. There are thousands of 5 seconds or random snap analysis tests available on YouTube where people are asked to give their opinions on random pictures. Dressing reflects your personality as most crazy people go with a funky look but not always in that mood or frame of mind but on some special occasions where they want to show their excitement or happiness and sorrow.

Dressing According to Profession

Generally, it’s the perception of all professionals that the dress code describes the designation and the nature of the individual such as if your boss is a “#GirlBoss” in a Business-formal environment she should dress formally as in dress pants with coats or blazers or pencil skirts.

A salesman should be dressed up in a formal shirt and pants. All dress codes are designed according to the nature of people wearing it. For example, a doctor should be decent and hygienic so, the white doctor’s coat with two side pockets represents the state of hygiene with the white color. The side pockets are especially designed to keep medical pieces of equipment and first aids like bandage etc in their pockets and represent an organized approach.


Why all the band singers, guitarists & drummers prefer leather or bomber jackets and all the violin players prefer a decent formal shirt with a coat? It is just their nature and mindset. A band should be energetic so they can’t wear formal suits they need attire that liberates them. A chef always wears the chef apron. It is quite safe for them as their nature of work needs to be done with great care.

Dressing Reflects Choice

Apart from the dress code, the choice of fabric, design, and color are the key elements that can help us in one’s personality screening. For example, if someone opens a door and stands in front of you wearing a silk, empire dress in cream or a nude color with pearl buttons then your first 3 second analysis of the individual would be: classy, royal and elegance.

Dressing Reflects Mood

The dressing of a person often reflects his or her mood together with personality. For example, if someone is very happy and excited they probably will choose to wear a bright or a sharp palette colors.

If someone is sad then they may go for a dull color or something very low key.

Dressing needs to be Relevant

The most important thing about dressing is that it should be proper and relevant. Also, it should be according to the environment and the situation at-hand. For example, you cannot wear a long white evening gown to work or red to a funeral.

What a Clothing Mistake mean?

If you are wearing flat pumps with a long maxi you will hide your shoes. Moreover, a long maxi makes a perfect combination with high heels. Similarly, you cannot wear joggers with a suit.

Dressing plays a vital role in your personality so; the choice of your dress should be according to what you say. As if your dress is perfect it will enhance your personality.