Winter Wardrobe Essentials for Men

By: Huba Khan

For lots of guys, shopping and roaming around in malls and markets is not their style and find this to be an undesirable task. Some prefer online shopping while others walk into the store and are never sure of their purchases. Winter is a tricky season in sense of following the type of fashion but men are lucky because they do not have a variety for accessorizing like women, the more they chose, the more they get confused.

Some key accessories with winter clothes can add glamour to any male’s look. Style varies from man to man, but there are some wardrobes essentials that every man should own. So here is the list which might help in creating your very own collection.

Button-down Shirts

Button-down shirts are all season wear but its design of patterns; colors vary from time to time. The best part of these shirts is that they are wearable, year-round in a ton of different outfits. A fit and a fanciable way to pair these shirts are with casual denim.

95085_wd6101_mTrending Colors

  • Burgundy
  • Spruce Green (Blue-based Shade)
  • Folk Stone
  • Ginger
  • Shale (Chilly Purple-based Charcoal Grey)
  • Ceramic (Light and Creamy Blue)
  • Turkish Coffee (Red-cast Shade Of Brown)

Baggy or Free-styled Trousers

Trouser is probably the most comfortable thing that was ever designed. It gives you a cool and casual look, effortlessly.


Baggy trousers have overtaken the straight and skinny jeans this winter. These baggy styles were also the part of winter collection of famous brands like Vogue, Ami, Lanvin, and many others.

Straight-legged, Unembellished Jeans

The evergreen denim jeans are what all men desire. It is that one pair that men look forward to wearing day in and day out. Slim and straight jeans remain in fashion but remember there’s a difference between slim and skinny jeans.

005012308-front-gridMuffler or Neckerchief

Neckerchiefs and scarves are something which stand up to every element you wear. So try to bundle up your neck with style in winters with funky mufflers or neckerchiefs. Plaids and checks are those prints which remain in fashion and look fantastic on plain and heavy coats.


You can also pick wool and soya blended scarves because they are light-weight and soft and you can place them anywhere as they take little space in your closet, which also is the best of these types of accessories.

Popular Styles

  • Bandana Neckerchiefs
  • Long and Wide Scarves
  • Dotted Printed Neckerchiefs
  • Zebra-lining Muffler
  • Big and Bold Checks Prints
  • Plain Cashmere Scarves

Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are considered as the smartest, and the hottest thing a man can carry. Sleek or bomber styled jackets are always in fashion, and importantly they are long-term investments.


The bomber jackets are the most trending jacket style this winter. Long and fix wrist, with pointed edges covering the waist, is something you should look in this winters.

Woolen Pea coat or Outer Coat

The classic pea coat is everyone’s favorite. They were originally created for sailors in the 18th century. Pea coats are characterized by wide lapels and double fronts. Navy blue, black, brown, and gray are the common colors that usually people prefer to wear.

navy-pea-coat-navy-long-sleeve-shirt-khaki-chinos-original-645Sneaker or Loafers

Yes, the most comfortable and stylish sneaker is what every guy should carry. No matter what you are wearing or what occasion you are attending, sneakers are always ready to shine with you. Get a pair of navy, dark gray, black or even white, these will go with every dress you opt to wear.


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