World Quality Day – Building a Quality World! #WQD17

Quality is not what happens when what you do matches your intentions. It is what happens when what you do matches your customers’ expectations.” – Guaspari

The Quality Game

Whether you are driving your newly bought car or planning to buy a diamond necklace for your wife on your first wedding anniversary, you have to go through a lot of checks, controls and in the end, the entire personal satisfaction quotient that must meet your demands. In short, you simply see the quality of the product, how reliable it is and how it will save you time and money. Therefore, quality is something that affects everyone and everything around us. Whether you are buying a cup of coffee on-the-go or a makeup product, quality affects our lives every day.

Now imagine this, the parcel you were waiting for so long finally arrived at your doorstep, you open the box but the product you were expecting falls apart. Saddened by the event, you called the customer service center but in return, you get nothing except readout responses from a transcript prepared by the department’s head. Such terrible incidents indicate the necessity of quality and it’s assurance in every aspect of our lives. This quality does not only mean the physical quality of your purchase but also other aspects of trade and commerce, including the very canned response you received against your damaged shipment.

Imagine if there is no quality control? Our small world will be more dangerous, less predictable with substandard products and services! There would be zero security to our investments, health, environment, and even our minds.

World Quality Day is celebrated every year on November 9, ensuring awareness of quality control and assurance is highlighted on national and international podiums. This day upholds the very value such quality control measures add to any business, big or small. This day is responsible for creating a number of vigilant employment opportunities that are directly responsible for the success of any organization.

History of World Quality Day

The idea of World Quality Day dates back to 1990 when it was first introduced by the United Nations to increase awareness of quality in terms of a nation’s prosperity and how its important in growth. However, it was first commemorated in 2008 at the Inmarsat Conference Center, United Kingdom to discuss how quality plays a significant role in building customers experience, reducing cost, meeting customer expectations and boosting business profitability.

It is rightly said that quality matters. Building a reputation for quality is important for several reasons:

Customer Satisfaction

Customers are always looking for products which meet their requirements. If the product or service is incompetent in terms of quality, the customer will automatically switch to a more effective provider. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to any organization and here quality must be monitored and scrutinized at all times. For example, in today’s day and age, eCommerce or Online Shopping has taken the world of commerce and trade by store. Thus customer satisfaction here is heavily dependent on product quality, quality of customer services, quality of logistics and process that directly or indirectly effect consumer experience.

Maintaining Standards

Companies should meet their standards in terms of compliance with regulations and certifications which give an edge to the company because their products are verified as high-quality products. Maintaining the kind of standards that the consumers appreciates will only result in returning of customers over and over directly impacting the organization’s revenue. For example, in eCommerce if a company maintains a ‘no-replica’ policy, and ensures at each step the product delivered is genuine and 100% and verified, consumer trust is strengthened and revenue promised.

Reduce Cost & Optimize Processes

Operations cost is increased when poor-quality products or services are delivered creating a negative impact on various resources. A 2008 survey by Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) and the British Quality Foundation (BQF) proved 53 % of employees waste up to 10 % of their day redoing work and correcting mistakes. This adds up to four billion wasted working hours annually in the United Kingdom alone. When incorporating practices and processes that adhere to quality assurance such mundane tasks are eliminated and efficiency is induced for the long run. One can witness the same results in eCommerce once automated processes, and operational dashboards replace repetitive steps, resource utilization is optimized, and productivity is enhanced and reporting assured.

How to Improve Quality?

World Quality Day provides the perfect opportunity to organizations and individuals to focus on the importance of quality and implement to achieve targets. Quality Managers and Quality Assurance Teams nowadays in eCommerce are responsible for backing industry’s top most players. Every organization needs a system to ensure effective running of the company and its employees. Set of defined processes as well as quality tools and methods can be used to implement innovations and improvements in business-usual.


Organizations should analyze their performances in order to keep themselves updated with market competitors and market trends thus adding to quality through and through.

World Quality Day Theme, 2017 – Everyday Leadership

This year’s theme of World Quality Day is to celebrate ‘Everyday Leadership’. This day provides the opportunity to recognize and praise all the hard work done for the past couple of years that have yielded exceptional results. It is a day to celebrate the achievements of your organization and teammates and encourage them to increase performance with each year.

#WQD17 #EverydayLeadership17

World Quality Day and 24HOURS.PK

Today 24HOURS.PK upholds edge amongst other market players when it comes to quality control and assurance in various aspects of the business. Right from content quality in terms of information and engagement to impeccable customer services that offer complete guidance right from order placement to fulfillment. An internal Quality Management body assure that each step of the order is carefully monitored and the customer does not feel left out of the entire process even after the shipment reaches the doorstep. Replica checks, content optimization, artwork authenticity, social care, stock-taking, delivery protocols are just few of the many processes that 24HOURS.PK ensures to adhere to industry standards and maintain quality that is recognized nationwide.